Time for some fun!

Well I took this image at Kalannie the other week. Liked the straight lines contrasting with the curves of the track, also the rich colours of red, green and yellow. It’s not really come up as I would have liked, so I thought hey- lets put it out to you guys to rip it up and see what you can come up with in post processing. I’ve done nothing to this but convert the RAW file, and honestly have no idea how to do anything else. But quite a few of you are pretty nifty.

So if you want to have a bit of fun, and completely cook this image and show us what you can do. Let me know and i’ll send you an email with the image file. It’ll just be jpg as I can’t work out how to export the RAW file back out of Aperture, so unless someone knows how to find that file?? I’ll google it later on when I have a sec anyway.

Work your magic, send it back to me in web size and i’ll put it up on here of course with credit to you for the processing. Wish I had a funky prize to offer, but I don’t. So you just get to gloat for the favorite image haha.

Anyway I hope you think this is a good idea anyway, i’m looking forward to seeing what an imaginative mind can do! 🙂


9 responses to “Time for some fun!

  1. Yeah send it to me , but if I don’t come up with anything I won’t send one back.

    Would be interesting to see a few results.

    • no probs Merv, i’m pretty interested to see some too.
      with people working an image for fun, where they aren’t too concerned in it’s overall appearance at the end of things I think will come up with some pretty cool things. I hope anyway otherwise it hasn’t achieved what I hope haha.

  2. yes send it to me Stephen , Please!

  3. Hey Stephen
    Lets play in this send pit too please

    Also interested to see what others might do with it


  4. Hi Stephen
    I emailed you my edit to the yahoo address but it returned as message to old
    Or was that me being to old
    It is here Click here for ric’s edit
    I am not sure if this link is going to work

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