Kalannie Special Ops

After a cool light show at sunset, I thought i’d try and get another image I had in mind for the weekend, that being a nice old tree stump with star or cloud trails. I spied this tree so set up, and waited for the light to get to the right level for this lovely mystical image to take place. I did a slight bit of light painting on the tree to help that out, and also on the surrounding bushes, but not to the level that some other photographers do. There are some amazing light painters out there and I wouldn’t even come close to that- so why kid myself haha.

End of Days

End of Days

I love the soft light that can be captured with long exposures long after the sun has gone down. It’s funny how some days it’s there, others it’s not. The only thing is that you don’t know until you try and capture it on a camera- it’s invisible to the naked eye.

A lot of photographers try and make night time images look just like day light by ultra long exposures. But I really try to capture the feeling of night- it is after all pitch black, so why remove that element totally. In this image I love the lighter cloud in the background behind the tree, “nestling” it within the image. Hopefully the detail shows up ok on everyone’s monitors, I know sometimes these on the edge images can get darker then they should be!

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9 responses to “Kalannie Special Ops

  1. That is a really cool otherworldly dream image Stephen! I like it very much. You could photoshop a tiny bit more light on the tree if you like but just a tad. I very much like the dark area at the top as well, makes it more dramatic and draws you in the image.

    I agree on the ultra long exposures, what is the point of shooting a cool night image under a full moon and then exposing it long enough to make it look like a boring day shot. It is night, it is supposed to be dark and moody and interesting!

    Very good dreamy image mate. Perfectly timed with my Inception post 🙂

    • thanks Flem, i’ll put up my other image- but quite different image all the same shortly.

      i think it may just be the net version that is a little darker on the tree. on the master it does still have nice detail and luminescence without being overly bright.
      glad you like it though 🙂

  2. Great image Stephen,
    I think a bit like Flemming, a bit more of a lift on the tree would make it even more dramatic, but not to much
    Keep on pushing the envelope your going to get some great shots .

  3. That’s a cool photo Stephen. I’m not sure where you are but there are some really awesome looking old dead trees at the south side of Whiteman Park. I drive past there at sunset on my way home from work all the time and always wish I had my camera to stop and capture it. I’d have to climb the barb wire fence and negotiate with the kangaroos though! I will do it one day. I love night photography, and you’re definitely right, the last thing you want to do is make it look like day time!

  4. Hey Son

    Love both of them….but if I had to choose I would go for the End of Days shot. I like the contrast in the colours of the sky……but ultimately its your choice 🙂

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