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Newman Gold!

Hello again to you all from Newman! This time i’ll go into a bit more depth haha.

Pilbara Screen Saver

As those of you who have been following the blog, i’ve made a big jump, i’ve gone and moved to Newman. Quite a big jump as i’ve not even been here before, only know a handful of people, gone to a job quite different from what I was doing in Perth and sacrificed a number of things from my normal living in Perth.

But it’s all for the future, for starters I have the Pilbara at my doorstep, well not at- it IS my doorstep! I’ve only been to the Pilbara once, a couple of years ago. Loved it immensely and eagerly awaited my return. I never thought it’d be this way however haha. So every chance I get i’ll be heading out on photography trips. I also intend on participating in the 365 project.

For those of you who don’t know- it involves taking a diferent image each day for a year. What better place to try that challenge then the Pilbara! I may not quite be exact with the taking an image a day, but I plan on posting one for each day of the period, starting probably in a month after i’ve settled in and got a few locations sussed out. I will try and limit myself to 2 or 3 images posted from one day however. Not entirely sure how i’m gona do it yet.

Secondly it’s a great opportunity to pay off a heap extra off my house, really knock it off, helping me out down the track.

So with that, I have scenes like this all around me. You will be sick of hearing about my love of white gums, probably by next week haha. And this scene got me with the white gums. The light came in spot on time, everyday you get light like this, it’s really amazing to see it transform the land. Anyway to celebrate me being here- this image is a full 1280pix screen saver/desktop image. if you open it up and save the image you can have a part of the Pilbara with you on your PC. I hope you enjoy it.


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And hello from the Pilbara!

Well after what seems like endless chaos, preparation, running around and tasks- I have reached my destination. Newman, 1300 odd km’s North of Perth in the Pilbara. This is only a brief post, as I’m still not exactly settled in. But I couldn’t be here now, without doing a photo shoot and sharing it with you. 🙂

Pilbara white gum

For me, the Pilbara is summed up in this image. Red rocks, golden spinifex and the white gums. These 3 combined create some of the most amazing scenes, something I fell in love with when I visited here last, and I look forward to experiencing them even more. This image was taken using the lovely afterglow light, after the sun has sunk below the horizon.

I’ll leave it at this for now, and will post a more detailed post in the next couple of days, covering what has brought me to this point, and of course what my intentions, goals and expectations are over the time i’m here.


Fee Fi Fo Fum

In a land far, far away, there is a place of magic and mystery. A simple climb up the magic beanstalk, and you find yourself in a land of giants. Here everyday items appear miniature, and the inhabitants are so small and fragile. It’s a place high above the clouds, where a BBG (Big Beaming Giant) roams carefree. His silhouette can often be seen at sunrise, from the car park if you look up, you will see it, the BBG standing at the summit. Gazing across the land below.

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum

Ok ok, enough of that. It’s obvious what’s going on here. The land is the magical Stirling Ranges, the everyday items are small because they’re 800m below you, the inhabitants small because they’re mainly insects and the odd mammal. The BBG however is not far fetched at all- of course that handsome fella is me! 🙂 And most definitely you can see my frame at the summit at sunrise, gazing out at the world in amazement.

I have just stumbled across this image, taken when I visited the Stirlings back in October last year. I loved this image when I first took it, but then for some reason it fell out of favour with me….. until now anyway. The tree and moss really caught my eye, looking out over the cloud far below me. It really was a magical experience, and i’m most definitely beaming when I took it, and now when i’m reliving it….. even though by a bit of a played out story.

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The simple things

Well the simple things in life aren’t always free, but quite often it’s the small pleasing feelings in life that remind you what it’s all about. A few years ago I never would have thought i’d be publishing my own calendars, and now i’m on my third.

I’m a bit delayed on this posting due to being flat out in preperation for my move to Newman, but the feeling you get when you see your work published is one I always enjoy. The feeling you get when you show that product to people, who then have a smile come across their face, as they relive their own experiences in the locations makes all the early mornings and long days worth while.

So with this, i’m please to announce that my 2011 Landscape Calendars are now in my possession. So make sure you head over to the 2011 Calendar page to check it out. Also the images featuring in this years can be found on the images page.

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