The simple things

Well the simple things in life aren’t always free, but quite often it’s the small pleasing feelings in life that remind you what it’s all about. A few years ago I never would have thought i’d be publishing my own calendars, and now i’m on my third.

I’m a bit delayed on this posting due to being flat out in preperation for my move to Newman, but the feeling you get when you see your work published is one I always enjoy. The feeling you get when you show that product to people, who then have a smile come across their face, as they relive their own experiences in the locations makes all the early mornings and long days worth while.

So with this, i’m please to announce that my 2011 Landscape Calendars are now in my possession. So make sure you head over to the 2011 Calendar page to check it out. Also the images featuring in this years can be found on the images page.

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2 responses to “The simple things

  1. Looks great Stephen, well done and I hope it’s another big seller! Miss April, the electrifying sunset is my favourite 😀

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