Fee Fi Fo Fum

In a land far, far away, there is a place of magic and mystery. A simple climb up the magic beanstalk, and you find yourself in a land of giants. Here everyday items appear miniature, and the inhabitants are so small and fragile. It’s a place high above the clouds, where a BBG (Big Beaming Giant) roams carefree. His silhouette can often be seen at sunrise, from the car park if you look up, you will see it, the BBG standing at the summit. Gazing across the land below.

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum

Ok ok, enough of that. It’s obvious what’s going on here. The land is the magical Stirling Ranges, the everyday items are small because they’re 800m below you, the inhabitants small because they’re mainly insects and the odd mammal. The BBG however is not far fetched at all- of course that handsome fella is me! πŸ™‚ And most definitely you can see my frame at the summit at sunrise, gazing out at the world in amazement.

I have just stumbled across this image, taken when I visited the Stirlings back in October last year. I loved this image when I first took it, but then for some reason it fell out of favour with me….. until now anyway. The tree and moss really caught my eye, looking out over the cloud far below me. It really was a magical experience, and i’m most definitely beaming when I took it, and now when i’m reliving it….. even though by a bit of a played out story.

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8 responses to “Fee Fi Fo Fum

  1. A sea of clouds. What a spectacular shot and view. And I like your story

    (I did however thing BBG was Big Bloody Giant hehehehe!)

  2. Those clouds are beautiful.

    You’re not so secretly missing the Stirlings aren’t ya? Don’t suppose there’s time to pay one last visit before you move?

    • thanks Charlene.

      and no, i don’t ever secretly miss the Stirlings!! I love it there, think about it every day- it’s what gets me through most days. and i’m absolutely open about my love for the place. I lived there for a year, and still must visit there at least 3-4 times a year! πŸ™‚

      and unfortunately i can’t visit there again until October- when I really will emerse myself in it’s beauty. wait until that blog post! πŸ™‚ i was meant to go back down for a quick trip a few weekends ago but then became ill. couldn’t keep any food down so i had to stay up here…. 😦

  3. Love it Stephen – especially the clouds. It’s a call gnarly old tree too.

  4. Top image Stephen…I dunno what you were thinking forgetting about this one. I love the feeling of warmth from the light up top and looking out over the fog blanket to infinity.

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