And hello from the Pilbara!

Well after what seems like endless chaos, preparation, running around and tasks- I have reached my destination. Newman, 1300 odd km’s North of Perth in the Pilbara. This is only a brief post, as I’m still not exactly settled in. But I couldn’t be here now, without doing a photo shoot and sharing it with you. 🙂

Pilbara white gum

For me, the Pilbara is summed up in this image. Red rocks, golden spinifex and the white gums. These 3 combined create some of the most amazing scenes, something I fell in love with when I visited here last, and I look forward to experiencing them even more. This image was taken using the lovely afterglow light, after the sun has sunk below the horizon.

I’ll leave it at this for now, and will post a more detailed post in the next couple of days, covering what has brought me to this point, and of course what my intentions, goals and expectations are over the time i’m here.



9 responses to “And hello from the Pilbara!

  1. Hello stranger! Glad to hear you’ve arrived in one piece. Can’t believe there was no mention of that big blue sky though… tsk 😉

    Look forward to hearing/seeing more when you’re all settled in.

    • well seeing as though you’ve neither mentioned whether you like the image, or don’t like the image…. that makes up for me not mentioned about the sky lol. 😛

      but yes, the blue sky is fabulous here. I guess it’s also that in Perth, so I just don’t notice it as much as yourself or Flem. Flem I can understand, few dark months in Denmark each year, but you should know what the Perth sky can be like! haha

  2. I have to stop teasing Stephen or he won’t show me the good locations when I get to Pilbara, only ‘cos I was a cheeky bugger to him on Facebook (does that even count, Facebook is crap anyway??? heh)

    So I shall keep it civil, welcome back my good man and welcome to your new home in the Pilbara. I look forward to our photo adventures and must admit, respectfully, that I, respectfully, fully agree with my Further and Further partner Charlene, that you, respectfully, bloody well forgot to mention the blue skye which only makes up one third of the 3 Pilbara colours Red, Blue, White. Ooops, I slipped there. Respectfully. Yours. Respectfully.

    • “respectfully, bloody well forgot”

      Damn straight!

      No pressure or anything Stephen 😉

    • lucky you’re nearly 50% of my regular comments otherwise i’d be banning you boy! haha. but yeah yeah, the sky. sorry I forgot about that.
      now how about you do what you do best and analyze my images- not my words 🙂 hehe.

      after i’m done botching up alot of Pilbara images over the next month you’ll be wanting to get here even sooner so you can show me how to do it! 😛 lol

  3. Nice first up image Stephen, it’s great to read that you have made it there and are settling in, all the best mate and I look fwd to following your journey.

    tone 🙂

  4. Super shot Stephen, love it.

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