Am i dreaming?

This is an image I took on my way up from Perth. After months of chaos, where it seemed nothing would go to plan haha, I needed a chill moment, some time to reflect on the big change I was embarking on, reflect on what I was leaving at home, and more importantly envisage what my now very near future held.

Sunset Dreaming

It was weird, i’d packed up and moved away before- when I worked down in the Stirling Ranges. That I had no problems with at all, yet this time there was moments where I quite honestly was scared about it all. Was I doing the right thing, was it going to go to plan etc etc. All stuff really out of my control, and as a usually easy going person- it was quite foreign to me.

So there I was, filled with a very foreign feeling of whether i’d succeed, and I found myself at this magical location. I can’t explain how quickly all those thoughts flowed out of me, and the familiar smile was all over my face despite there not being another soul to see it. Of course I was going to succeed, how could I have doubted myself! This, is what i’m here for! πŸ˜€

The Gascoyne, a wonderous expanse of dry river beds, occasional widespread floods, vast valleys, gorges and mountain ranges. I have not spent much time in this wonderful part of the land. But I am blown away by it’s beauty. Yet everything I had experienced there, paled in comparison to this day. Whether the emotions I was going through had anything to do with it, or if it was simply the beauty of raw nature, I really felt like I was dreaming. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.

Before I lose you all with my rambling, this magical place is known as The Granites, a short drive out of Mount Magnet, deep in Gascoyne country. The cliffs glow in the afternoon sun, they face West, so of course that is expected. However what I didn’t expect was that it will be long after the sun had set, that they put on their best show for me- with the rockface literally glowing for a good 30-40min after sunset. Recent rain has washed out sections creating the unique foreground I chose to go with.

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9 responses to “Am i dreaming?

  1. Great post Stephen – one of my if not favourite of yours, the literature with the stunning image and your emotions is fantastic. Who knows when or where but I hope we catch up somewhere down the track.
    BTW I also really dig the image – I love those tones from ochres such as this well after sunset.

  2. Hey
    Of course you are going to succeed – you just gotta remain positive about what you are doing & keep remembering that this is who & what you are πŸ™‚ Hate to tell you…..but the doubts you had are just part of getting older & wiser….. don’t you just love that!!
    Awesome photo, starting to love the colours of the landscape even more……
    Mum x

    • The colours are unbelievable up here, that is no lie. It’s like the water and white sand of Esperance. You see photos and straight away think it’s been boosted in post processing. It’s not till you actually see them first hand and realise they are genuine! πŸ™‚

      And yeah I know, all of that’s gone now. Nothing to do with age, all that does is make me more stubborn and determined haha.

      Thanks xx

  3. It is so wonderful how Mother Nature can have the most calming terapeutic effect.

    What a splendid place you found, I must see that. Has a lot of potential and those red rocks glow like magic in post dusk light. Almost cries out for a vertical those lines in the ground. It is gorgeous. Do a pano stitch out when we get there again, I really want to see wider in this image, get a feeling of the expanse.

    • Yeah it sure is Flem, it’s pulled me out of it many times πŸ™‚

      And yes, I was very tempted to do a vertical but verticals seem to be 70% of my images again lately. I get stuck in those ruts for some reason lol. So I wanted to find a horizontal image here, especially to show off the expansive hills.
      Pano would work here- you’re determined to have me do them aren’t you lol

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