Visiting Karijini as a photographer

While there are many fantastic locations in the Pilbara, well just about everywhere anyway, it is Karijini National Park that is the most well known, and probably beautiful location. In my posts from my first visit here, I referred to it as Magical Karijini. This is really the only way I can begin to describe it. It can’t be real, surely it’s not possible for a place like that to actually exist! But it does!

There are rolling hills, long valleys, vast plains, deep gorges, spectacular waterfalls and waterholes, the list goes on. I couldn’t wait to get back there, so of course on my first weekend I couldn’t resist the lure, I must get back there. So off I went.

Now my first visit, I still consider as being the step towards where I am today with my photography. At that time, I was still reluctant to call myself a photographer. I was someone who simply went around, snapped some pics and was lucky enough to snag the odd one that came up ok. Since then i’ve come a long way, my standard got to a level where I actually felt comfortable to call myself a photographer, and I hope I continue to keep going forward at the same rate in the future.

So on this trip, it was like my very first visit there. I saw everything differently. Everywhere I looked, I saw compositions, some that would work, others that wouldn’t. All of which I don’t think i’d have even thought about on my first trip.

I was just there this time on a scouting trip, I bet ya that there are a number of landscape photographers cursing me at that haha. But it was a quick trip in there, just to remind myself what was there- as I said, I was there with a brand new set of eyes. I only did a quick run down into Joffre Gorge to check that out, but apart from that I was walking the back country. Sourcing out more white gums and other classic Pilbara photographs.

Joffre Creek

Joffre Creek

My morning started at Joffre, as there were a couple of images I was chasing. The first here is my favorite from the day I think. It’s taken from the top of the falls, in the dry creek bed. I certainly wouldn’t want to try this shot when the falls are actually flowing! The reeds, the rocks pools and the fabulous colours in the rocks caught my eye. It was a tough exposure due to the extreme light contrasts you get in this area. But I was lucky to still get some relatively even light.

Eye of the beast

The second image here is actually one of the reasons i’m heading back again this weekend! Yeah, yeah…. more cursing haha. The water flow has obviously been limited over the past few months. This is not too pleasing on the natural eye as there is algae everywhere. However look at what it does to an image! The algae has given the water an amazing emerald green tinge, I was blown away by it when I got the images off the camera when I returned. So this time i’ll be decending into a few gorges to get some images with these unique conditions.

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3 responses to “Visiting Karijini as a photographer

  1. G’day Stephen,
    My mate and your mate Kat told me to check out your blog as i have just started one but do not know how to get it out there can you give me any pointers??
    My blog is
    How good is Karijini i love that place.
    Thanks mate.

  2. Agreed mate. Love that Joffre image. I had a brilliant time there as well. Only thing that was bad was the lack of signs, and the bad bad bad roads! Was a killer on the bike.

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