Karijini National Park

You can’t get enough of this place, well I hope you guys can’t- as there’ll be plenty of photographs coming from me from this remarkable location. I’ve been in the Pilbara 2 weeks, and been there twice haha. Quieter weekend for me this weekend to catch up on things, and a bit of socializing which will actually be good! I’ve not stopped since I got here really, so about time to stop for an evening.

Joffre Gorge Sunrise

Joffre Gorge

Last weekend I was re-born in the gorges, so there’s a few images to come from there. Then we’ve had some really really cool storms coming over. No big thumpers yet, they’ll come i’m sure. But colours like you’ll not believe! Some amazing sunsets to go with them, so i’ll have them up soon. Still plenty of images to try and catch up on- I think i’ve not touched my camera for a whole 3 days since i’ve been here lol, so this weekend is that catch up time!

Anyway this is another photo of Joffre Gorge. The contrasts in the area are huge, so I headed here early to get the glorious pre-dawn light. That way the light was a lot more balanced and I could get the photo I wanted. It was still an exposure of nearly 3min, so you can tell it was very dark, but yet the red cliffs still glowed in their magic way.

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11 responses to “Karijini National Park

  1. Loving your recent posts from up north, Stephen. Keep them coming!

  2. Nice photo mate. What time of the morning did you get up to get that photo???
    Yu must of left around 3:30??? Cant wait to see more.

  3. Hi Stephen great image mate. I have Leigh Diprose sitting next to me and he recons I should add you to my blog roll. So I will. Top work mate!

    • Hi David, yes I know of Leigh, met him once years ago on a very cold morning amongst snow and mountains in the Stirling Ranges. 🙂
      I’ve seen you’re name around a few times but never followed, that many blogs out there now it’s easy to get lost hey. Glad you found you’re way here- i’ll chuck you’re link on too, and look forward to following you in the future!

  4. Beautiful image Stephen – clearly my favourite of yours from up there thus far mate. Great tones and composition – very crisp !

  5. Thanks very much Tony- glad you liked it that much 🙂
    doesn’t look crisp in the small image- stoopid compressions haha.

    just posted some storm pics you might find interesting. no big crackers yet, but they’ll come! 🙂

  6. Love to see your passion and enthusiasms about living up north and getting out and capturing images in a new place (even though you know Karijini well of course, must still be nice to be able to go there when you like!).

    I love top-side images from Karijini, not so much a fan of the gorge images. This has great Karijini colours and shine, gorgeous dawn light reflected of those amazing red rocks. Top-side images at Karijini are hard, there’s so much chaos. You found a good composition here though I like it! Now I can’t help but crop everything very tightly and I would crop the bottom here if it was mine. Perhaps even a bit more of the top. Really make the image have visual tension have energies escaping the frame.

    good one mate, sorry for being late on the blog, swamped in preparations at the moment 🙂

    • Glad you like it Flem. I don’t actually know Karijini well- only been there about 7 days total. That’s why it was a must for my first trips out of town 🙂
      Still plenty more of it I want to see- and of course other Pilbara locations.

      Top side is definitely something I want to achieve during my time. There are so many amazing spots, but as you said- finding a composition is tough. I failed last time, and am improving this time. The best is yet to come, I hope haha

      You’re a busy man, so I’ll forgive you on the lateness 🙂

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