Pilbara Storms

One thing I really look forward to here in the Pilbara, is the storms. I’ve always had a fascination with weather, I guess it goes hand in hand with photography, and hiking- which are my 2 main passions. But it’s just something I love all round. I’m forever on the BOM site, and various other weather sites, always tune into the Foxtel weather channel in the morning, and usually throughout the day to. I’m a nerd haha. Well when it comes to weather anyway.

So many times i’ve heard about the Pilbara Storms, but yet to experience it for myself. In the last week however, she decided to give me a small taste. So out I went, eyes wide open, big smile on my face. There are quite limited routes to go, literally North, South and one other road that kinda goes North North East. So that doesn’t make it easy to get into good positions, but I could still experience it anyway.

pilbara storm, newman, cloud

Pilbara lift off

The first image is of the storm building. I was heading North, when I checked the side mirror and saw this beast looming behind me. So I pulled over, and sprinted up the first hill I could find, not really getting the view I was after I followed a bush track for a couple of minutes before once again sprinting up a hill. This time I could capture the storm.

pilbara, storm, lightning, cloud

Pilbara UFO


From here I continued to go North, there were actually 2 storms, another one about a km behind me when I took the 1st image. They were heading towards each other so I thought they were going to collide- and hopefully go extreme!! This never eventuated, but I came across this scene anyway. This cool little valley had lightning going crazy at the end of it. Unfortunately once again, this ceased as soon as I set up lol. But then this wicked little cloud formed, and in this particular shot- was rimmed entirely by some in cloud lightning. It’s given that definition to it, and separated it from the rest of the cloud.

pilbara storm, sunset, newman, clouds

Pilbara Blues

The last image here is from earlier this week. More storms fired up in the arvo- so out I went again. This time I headed South, before spotting a small hill just off the road. I found some tracks that headed towards it, and then actually went right up the side as well. So into 4wd I went, and up the hill I go. Saved me a run on this day which was good, running through spinifex with camera gear isn’t exactly my thought of fun haha.

There was a big cloud just out of frame of this image, and as a result the cloud behind was tinged with the most amazing blue. The images I took of it are going to be one’s I think i’ll forever be asked if it was the colours I saw, and if I did any adjustments in post processing. That I can confirm is a definite no- these clouds were freeking incredible! 🙂

It’s been a weird week for me. It honestly feels like a holiday, despite working full time. So as most of my trips last 2-3 weeks, it felt all week like i’d be heading home soon, back to the people I care about, and back to my normal life. So it’s now hitting home that I am here for good- here for a while anyway. Ready to explore the depths of the Pilbara as I go. And I can’t wait! 😀

Make sure you open up the images to the large size as the wordpress compressions play around a bit with the smaller images.

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12 responses to “Pilbara Storms

  1. The Pilbara can turn on a cloud show as I found out at Karijini this year. You’ve captured some awesome cloud, image 2 has an Independence Day/District 9 look, image 1 has a way cool foreground and image 3 has a bruiser blue sky!

    • thanks Matt, it sure can. I’m still waiting to get the full show though…. so far she’s only lifted it as far as the knee line…. still a teaser! haha.
      Can’t wait to get the full thing though 🙂
      The sky’s incredible in the last hey, was amazed standing there seeing it

  2. Gold mate gold! As good as I have seen around the traps!

  3. Wow amazing storms, save some of those wonderful clouds for me mate!

    The second image is pure judgment day, love it. First one has a great composition that I actually really like. You may have winged it sprinting up a hill but you chose a good site to setup shop! Could be cropped a little, I always find it’s great for the energy in the image if the clouds extend out of the frame. Third one has amazing clouds but sort of need some foreground composition and subject. Storms are hard to shoot though, one usually does not have a lot of time and you are doing really well in your new home land!

    …and with clouds like these, they call out for stitched panos 😀

    • Thanks Flem, there may be some good one’s around when you come. It is meant to be coming into storm season so it’d be nice if it keeps going 😀

      It’s a pretty evil feel to the image hey. Bit noisier then I would have liked, but such a neat little system I couldn’t go past it.

      Glad you like the first- it’s my fav. I opened up my lil lens to fit it all in, never tried letting it “burst” out of the frame. Will try it for next time!

      I have a much better composition to come of the blue clouds. This image had a lot more blue though, but the other one will have a post to itself 🙂

  4. G’day Stephen.
    Lucky fella living in the Pilbara!
    Indeed the Pilbara’s storms are awesome. Can’t wait to get back up there. Will definitely drop you a line when I do. Nice Pilbara pictures!!


    • Thanks Davo, and yeah it’s magical up here hey as you know- definitely cool to be able to call it home for a while. Looking forward to some big storms coming through! 🙂

      Be great to catch up on your next trip this way! 🙂

  5. I see some neato black and whites in there. I have this thing about black and white cloud images. Dad worked in the meteorological bureau for decades and so I have such weird memories of weather graphs and cloud formation info and scientific sketches in my mind. Learning the mechanics of such things only grew appreciation for the real thing though. Fury is never so terrible and breathtaking all at once.

    Working feels like a holiday huh? You lucky bugger!

  6. yeah one day I might actually get around to mucking around with B/W. i like keeping things simple after i’ve taken the image as you know lol.
    but when I get a day I can play around I do actually want to give it a go- so what I can come up with

  7. Some bloody nice cloud action happening there mate. Got to love the Pilbara!

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