Homeward Bound

Seems weird saying that seeing as though it was only a month ago I moved to Newman, in the Pilbara. But i’ve had to head home for a brief stay for a mates wedding and all the rest. So instead of sitting at home doing nothing- as everyone else is working during the week. I thought I must pay my dear old friend a visit. That friend is of course my beloved Stirling Ranges! πŸ™‚


The reason for this trip is to get back into an area i’ve not visited for far, far too long. That is the Eastern Rudge. It’s basically the toughest walk you can do in WA. You walk a mere 22km, but over the only real mountains we have. It’s basically bush bashing- no well groomed track for us, and you sleep under the stars, or if you want some comfort you make base in one of the couple of caves found along the top of the ridge. It’s an incredible way to spend a night! πŸ™‚

The Arrows

So I thought i’d dig through some ancient images, I think these were even taken on point and shoot camera’s, so apologies for the complete lack of quality with these haha. There will hopefully be better images to come from this trip! They give you some idea about the area anyway.

Bluff Knoll

I’ll also be trying to put technology to the test, and do a video tour of my cave tomorrow night. That will be posted to my facebook fanpage, so stay tuned into that tomorrow night and check it out!!

The Ridge

The top image is looking West along the ridge line, yes you do go up and over it all. The 2nd is over looking the section known as the Arrow’s, awesome terrain there, and the location of the only Penthouse you’ll find in the Stirlings- of course that is my cave! πŸ˜€

The 3rd is looking at Bluff Knoll, very different viewpoint from this side. And for those of you who have climbed the tourist track, that has nothing on this side. It is a daunting sight as you head to the base of it, knowing you still need to climb it haha. The last image is the length of the ride, Ellen’s Peak on the left, Pyongerup Peak, The Arrows, Isongerup Peak and then lastly Bluff Knoll on the right. Looking through these old pics sure has got me excited to get there! πŸ™‚


9 responses to “Homeward Bound

  1. Geeze you are getting about… you ‘hussy’ ;P
    Good to see, I think I like the first image best due to the knoll/nob along the ridge line being a bit unusual.
    T πŸ™‚

    • yeah, young and handsome like me I can’t help it Tony. These landscapes throw themselves at me whcih doesn’t help haha.
      yeah the first image is the only one with some merit. still taken a long long time ago when I knew nothing lol. would love to revisit and reshoot this spot- but it’s 2 hours walk in and then out, so not the easiest. will happen though!

      this recent trip…. well did not go to plan at all. bit to tell, so will do a post haha.

  2. Omg the Stirlings make an appearance! ‘Bout bloody time too, all this going wandering in the far North and neglecting stuff in the lowly reaches of the state… tsk πŸ˜‰

    That Ridgeline photo (1st one) is perfect. The light is amazing and the whole thing absorbs me like it’s 3D. It would look sensational as a huge print on the wall.

    Your blog’s sure back in action πŸ™‚

    • haha, yeah it’s been a while, and she certainly wasn’t happy with me!!! they drew me in again, and nearly killed me lol. but i’ll cover that with a post when I get some time.

      unfortunately that image is unusable hey. like under a meg file…. hand held, after a long hike years ago and just on a point and shoot camera. looks ok at web size, but bigger just doesn’t work. i have to go back and reshoot. πŸ™‚

      • Hell hath no fury… this paying respects once in a blue moon business is clearly not on for the old lady πŸ˜‰

        Look forward to the blog post, and glad you’re alright.

  3. Nice images Stephen. Love them myself, just out my back door pretty well. Often just go for a blast on the bike for the arvo. Got to watch those darn roos there at night, had a huge one come say hello in the cab of the ute last year!

    Cheers mate

    • lucky lucky man Dave. it’s tough for me being so far away from the place at the moment. but in saying that the Pilbara does a nice job at distracting me haha.

      and not sure i’d want to be greeting a roo in that manner. sounds like a crazy story to be told there!

  4. Nice photos mate even if they are off the old point and shoot!

    • thanks Ben. it’s a great spot so even an ordinary camera, and no skills by my part was able to get some shots haha.
      my recent trip to get some better images unfortunately did not go anywhere near to plan. but i’ll be back!

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