They’re watching me

As I mentioned in my last post, i’ve copped a serious case of Pneumonia, thanks to a viral bug I managed to get a few weeks ago now. Literally the last thing I thought i’d manage to get in the Pilbara haha. So unfortunately i’ve simply not managed to get out and get any fresh shots. After work, which have been pretty long days unfortunately- i’ve literally only managed to get home and get to the couch. So have simply not been well enough to do any photo shoots for far too long now. I did head out yesterday, and a 1/2km walk left me exhausted, coughing, spluttering and dry wrenching haha. So not sure if i’ll try it again this afternoon.

the granites, mount magnet, northern goldfields, western australia

Rainbow Serpent- click to view large

So anyway here’s a older image. You may recognize this remarkable place from my earlier post. It’s from a place near Mount Magnet, where I stopped on my way up here back in September. When I head down at Christmas I think i’ll be stopping off here again for another magical sunset. I went into some details in the post about the emotions I was going through at that stage, and it really was like a spiritual moment for me. This area is heavily involved with aboriginal history-more then a lot of other area’s that would also have aboriginal history Flem, before you go getting all cheeky again! haha.

The Badimia tribe used to call Mount Magnet their home, and the granites area was used for ceremonies, with a large number of rock art to be found. In the twilight light the area really felt mystical, and I felt quite privileged to be standing there. As a matter of fact I had a few of the locals standing on the cliff face watching me. Locals in the form of goats on this occasion however.

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6 responses to “They’re watching me

  1. Hope you are feeling better mate! Nice colours here, perhaps composition is a bit too bulls eye. Sorry for being brief, no time to be cheeky, too many blogs to go through today after weeks of offline time 🙂

  2. Cool image mate, look after yourself!

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