Mark Webber

Good news is that i’m myself again, finally full of energy, enthusiasm and energy! And to top it off we’ve had some awesome storms around Newman again, so i’ve been out getting some pics. Stay tuned for these.

Mark Webbers Car

I had to head to Perth last week for some training, which meant I ended up in Burswood for a few nights. Which wasn’t too tough a stay to be honest. Very different from my usual accommodation which of course is my lil bullet, my yellow hiking tent haha. I must admit I felt very out of place for pretty much the whole time lol. And it was very weird being here sober, think it was the first time haha.

Mark Webbers Car

One of the highlights was that it also happened to be the same time F1 driver Mark Webber was in town for his drive around Barbagello. I was hoping to get to meet him, but he was a few floors above us all the whole time I think in the penthouse rooms lol. Second best was getting up close and personal with his race car though. Just a couple of snaps on a compact camera.

It’s been great watching him tackle the championship over the last few months. Bummer he couldn’t quite get there, but now as the “number 2” driver, and with a taste again that he can be in contention, i’m sure he’ll be more determined then ever! Hopefully he’ll teach that punk Vettel a thing or 2 😉

It would have been pretty cool to see him race around the track too. Which brings me to these pics…. of what not to do when spending a day in the sun. My step sister went along for the day, quite a warm day with no shade. The results, well you can see for yourself…. Had some bad burns myself over the years but nothing half as bad as this! Ouch! Thanks to her for bein a good sport and letting stealing these pics though! 🙂







Anyway my next post will be the proper stuff. The Pilbara landscapes I love so much. 🙂


2 responses to “Mark Webber

  1. Up close and personal with a celebrity! I’m guessing you weren’t at the Festival of Speed then?

    Those burns are OUCH. Bloody hell… she must be in a lot of pain…

    • nah not really…. just his car haha. nice ride he had for his stay too… nice red Ferrari sitting directly out the front of the lobby. funny cos it only came to my waist haha.

      and no I didn’t go, I was flying back when it was on. and yeah, nasty sunburn hey. think it’s direct out of an iphone too… so no saturation applied. glad it’s not me! haha

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