Here’s a new image from The Pilbara

This is one of my favorite images from the Pilbara, and quite different to others of this vast landscape. It’s got the white gums I love, mixed with some amazing twilight light after sunset. I took it a couple of months ago now but was waiting until the results from the Landscape 500 came back before I posted it.

white gum, pilbara, western australia landscapes

Bronze in the Landscape 500- Score 79

The sunset on this particular day wasn’t anything too special, but I hung it out as I really love the twilight light, and it really has an amazing effect on the Pilbara Landscapes. This day did not disappoint, and my patience was rewarded. There was some wind which gives the tree it’s surreal look. Mixing moving leaves with the stationary trunk. A trunk which has shone beautifully in the soft light, and the rocks which still have incredible luminescence taking into consideration there is no direct light on any of this scene.

Just missed out again on Silver, but still a result i’m happy with 🙂

Click here to see my other competition results.


6 responses to “Here’s a new image from The Pilbara

  1. Well done on all your results mate some really great photos there.

  2. those rocks sure are red!

  3. Classic Pilbara mate, well done and well deserved.

    While this is a classic and great foreground to background view camera style composition, try this the next time: get right up the tree, get your widest wide angle lens, and get just a bit of red rocks in the foreground and point the camera straight up and get the tree against the sky. Use a long exposure to get movement in clouds to add some drama and well, movement 🙂 Dramatic very simple stuff that simplifies the often busy Pilbara lanscapes.

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