Flashback to Karijini

I’ve posted a few topside Pilbara images lately so thought i’d head back to an image from Karijini, which really is one location I get excited about whenever I think about it. Yes it’s been photographed a million times, but so has Cottesloe, The Boat Shed, Sydney Harbour etc etc- all images that are in just about every photographers gallery.

Those places have no real meaning to me- so therefore won’t appear in my image galleries, Karijini however ignites a passion within me. My love for the outdoors, my love for adventure, my love for my home- Australia, or more specifically- Western Australia, a place I could not imagine living without. Many a times it has taken my blood, in some funny silly ways, some more serious ways. But forever it will be in my blood, feeding an insatiable desire to experience even more magical moments and create memories I’ll never forget. Well I hope not for many many years anyway. I’ve had a taste, and will not stop until i’m totally fulfilled.


kermits pool, hancock gorge, karijini

Kermits Cascade

This image is again of Hancock Gorge, or more specifically- Kermit’s Pool. I’ve mentioned previous times how fortunate i’ve been to experience this unbelievable spot by myself on 3 occasions now. For about 2-3hrs each time. Each time i’ve snapped a few images, then sat in awe for the rest of my time. Yes it is a more classic image, but it is pretty hard to go past a place that stirs such emotions it does within me and not bring a bit home with me.

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10 responses to “Flashback to Karijini

  1. Beautiful image Stephen. It’s classic, for good reason!

  2. wow, amazing photo.

    thx for sharing~

  3. Wow Stephen. Such a wicked shot. Makes me want to be there right now.


  4. Well said mate! I could never get enough of Karijini makes me want to look though my shots again. which I might do! Keep the coming mate great shot!

    • thanks Ben, yeah Karijini does that to you doesn’t it.
      look forward to my next trip there next year sometime. would love to get there when there’s some wicked storms around, looking down into those gorges in flood is something I want to experience!

  5. That is beautiful.

    And you said,
    Iโ€™m a passionate bushwalker who enjoys exploring Australiaโ€™s natural beauty. Specialising in Landscape, Seascape and Nature photography, I find immense pleasure and enjoyment in presenting images from many beautiful locations.

    Who in our family isnt?

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