Another from the competition

Here’s another Twilight image from the Pilbara. I really do love the soft light that follows the sun setting, and in this region it seems to have that magic afterglow most nights.

pilbara, newman, sunset

Pilbara Twilight

To the other bloggers out there, can you think of why the re-sized images come up so soft like this? Click on the image and view in it’s full size and you’ll see what I mean. They never used to go this bad but i’ve noticed it a bit lately… :-/


This image is from just out of town, I went out storm chasing and found myself at the top of a hill. The sunset was pretty uneventful, and the storms that were going off were simply too far away. I hung around anyway and once the soft light hit I was able to capture this image, the hill I was standing on cast it’s shadow through the bottom of the image, which I felt balanced out with the darker clouds in the top half. It got a 77 in the Landscape 500.


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2 responses to “Another from the competition

  1. Very Nice Mate. classic Pilbara scene!

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