Funky Tree

Plenty of area’s in the Pilbara are burnt, quite a surreal landscape to see- and quite different to the usual Savanah/Spinifex landscape the Pilbara is known for. The burnt area’s are so vast and baron, and you could very easily imagine being on Mars, with hill after hill of red rock.

white gum, karijini, western australia

Funky Tree

This is one of the burnt area’s, in fact it is on the entrance road to Karijini National Park. There still are some tree’s on the hill, and this big tree in particular caught my eye as the sun went down.


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8 responses to “Funky Tree

  1. Nice one Stephen – regions like this certainly do take on an ‘alien’ landscape feel after fire don’t they ! This looks like a similar area to what Mark and Fletch etc recently photographed up there a few months back. Good to see some regrowth on the Euc.

    tone šŸ™‚

    • Yeah they sure do Tony. There’s a large area just North of town where there is nothing as far as the eye can see. Quite eerie to see, but pretty cool to see at the same time if that makes sense. Yeah they shot the area near the gorges at the other end of the park- pretty similar though. A lot of the others were struggling but this one was loving something! haha

  2. Good one Stephen, that tree would also make a great subject for a night shot with stars and some light painting with a torch.

    Sorry I have gone a bit quiet lately in terms of commenting on your blog, I am just a little knackered at the moment and a little weary of using my computer.

  3. That is a brilliant tree. You could almost string a hammock in between 2 of the thickest branches and turn it into a lazing spot… is this another secret spot?

  4. nah no secret here Charlene- 30m off the road as you head into Karijini haha.
    not sure if it’d be a good place to lounge on a hammock with the sun beating down on you tho lol

  5. Loving the subtle colour in the clouds, great photo Stephen!


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