Lucky Light

This is an image I was quite lucky to get. Returning from Karijini a couple of months ago I was watching the light to see where I could stop for a shoot. Nothing was grabbing me until I saw the light start to hit a large hill to the South West. There was no way i’d be able to get a shot so I continued driving until finally, I saw a hill close to the road.

white gum, newman, sunset, pilbara

Newman Sunset

Parking up I grabbed my gear and sprinted, hoping to catch the last bit of light. Hoping a barbed wire fence in my haste, I continued up the hill. Anyone who has walked through spinifex country will know what I mean when I say it’s not easy to run through haha. I got to the top and set up, waiting for the light to cast it’s gorgeous light on the last bit of shadows. Which was unfortunately not to be as the angle was not quite right.

Not to be wasted though, I turned around and the hill to the East was cast in magnificent light. As was this stunning white gum. I loved how the light hit a few of the higher tufts of spinifex in front of and around the tree.


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8 responses to “Lucky Light

  1. That is brilliant Stephen, I really like this one much! Great levels you have managed to create in the composition. Perhaps I would consider warming the green grass a bit, and a squarish crop could be investigated but truly this is a very good shot mate.

  2. Great image Stephen, the light hitting the grass and tree is sweet.

  3. Really nice shot mate, looks like the top right hand corner has blown out a bit, but I love the way the light hits the spinifex like that, and I know what you mean by walking through spinifex country you need cricket pads on!
    Have a great Xmas and new year.

  4. Gorgeous light on the tree and distant range there Stephen – I can see why you stopped, I would to !
    All the best in 2011 and beyond mate πŸ™‚

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