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Pilbara Dust Storm

Another quick post sorry, and just an Iphone pic I got from the other day. I was out at site for work, when returning back to town was literally surrounded by dozens of isolated storms. All of which were dumping a fair bit of rain, and kicking up a hell of a lot of dust!

pilbara, dust storm, newman,

Mars incoming

As I was at work I only had my phone, but still like this image. Literally pulled over, jumped out and snapped one image with my phone before this storm hit full force and I was left with a face full of dust and rain lol. Wish I had a few more seconds to use, and of course my DSLR would have been nice too lol.

We also got hit pretty hard in town by a storm last night. Woken up by the walls vibrating, then hearing the wind and rain. Wind which ended up being just shy of 120km/hr, which when you’re in a fibro donger style unit is quite an interesting time haha. Definitely got my attention and even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to get back to sleep. Of coarse I was running around the house checking the storm out from every window like a little kid. Fair bit of damage around town, but i’m still surprised this thing didn’t get damaged. The way it was shaking the whole house I did wonder for a while.

There’s a few more Iphone dust shots from this day on my facebook page.


Quick Update

Hi Guys, hope 2011 is treating you well so far. Hard to believe it’s nearly already the end of January!! I have a few images to go through which I’ll hopefully have posts up for in the near future. Been extremely busy and also had a few other projects i’ve been trying to do. Which has left me with little time to actually go through the images I have. Been out in the storms we’ve had lately, driven a lot of km’s without much reward so far- but it’ll pay off for me if I keep getting out there.

Fortescue river, newman, pilbara, floods

Fortescue River

Here’s a quick image that I took last year. We had some decent rain which got the Fortescue River flowing again. It was amazing standing by what is normally a dry river bed, with the water flowing past, the birds with a new found energy and just take it all in. I only took a couple of photo’s, and didn’t think I had anything but this image grew on me.

kermits pool, hancock gorge, karijini, pilbara

kermits portrait

This next image is of Bek and me down in Kermit’s Pool in Karijini, a chance for you to see the body behind the images….. I mean face. lol. Those bloody big feet of mine look like kermits feet anyway hahaha. Bek’s first time there, so was a great time. The light was pretty harsh by this time, and the flare was pretty much impossible to avoid, but some nice memories to have 🙂


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Check this out!

Pretty crazy footage of a bloke surfing some huge waves at night!!

A little bit of history

Not sure if anyone has heard of VIVIAN MAIER, I hadn’t until today anyway. But definitely well worth a look if you have a spare bit of time. Street Photography is something I’m not good at, and not really sure where to even begin with to attempt it. Yet it is something that when done well, really grabs my attention. I don’t always understand the image, or know why it is that I do like it- but a powerful image sometimes does not require that.

This ladies work is incredible, and shows a time that probably none of us are familiar with. Sad that she was not discovered until after her death, but then again- she did it for the love, so probably cared not for fame or acclaim. Check out the above link.

Street photographers are so important with capturing moments in time within ever growing cities, and I always am fascinated with seeing how things once were. Really has inspired me to want to give it a go- I just get dirty looks though mind you, when there’s even just a slight chance my camera’s in their direction…..actually…. even when it’s still in it’s bag too haha.

Happy New Year

I’ve not had a chance to post anything lately as i’ve been back down in Perth catching up with family and friends, on what was a very busy, but enjoyable holiday. Probably the first relaxing holiday i’ve had for many years, very different to the usual up at 4-5am, and back to camp at 7-8pm that my trips usually are like haha.

I’m back in Newman now, and quite possibly kicking the New Year off in style with a quick trip out to Karijini. I am after all here in the Pilbara, so will be making the most of that this year. Now things are kind of settling down I should be able to do that a bit more then I have done lately. I look forward immensely to travelling up, into and through the Kimberley with a trip along the Gibb River Rd and other locations. And later on in the year I should hopefully be doing an even bigger and exciting trip taking in a lot of new area’s and locations.

Thanks to those of you who are regular visitors, and especially those who leave comments and help me improve my art. Stay safe in 2011!