A little bit of history

Not sure if anyone has heard of VIVIAN MAIER, I hadn’t until today anyway. But definitely well worth a look if you have a spare bit of time. Street Photography is something I’m not good at, and not really sure where to even begin with to attempt it. Yet it is something that when done well, really grabs my attention. I don’t always understand the image, or know why it is that I do like it- but a powerful image sometimes does not require that.

This ladies work is incredible, and shows a time that probably none of us are familiar with. Sad that she was not discovered until after her death, but then again- she did it for the love, so probably cared not for fame or acclaim. Check out the above link.

Street photographers are so important with capturing moments in time within ever growing cities, and I always am fascinated with seeing how things once were. Really has inspired me to want to give it a go- I just get dirty looks though mind you, when there’s even just a slight chance my camera’s in their direction…..actually…. even when it’s still in it’s bag too haha.


2 responses to “A little bit of history

  1. Welcome back and Happy 2011 Stephen 🙂

    Street photography when done right is absolutely amazing. I’ve been attempting it for a while now and I still don’t know where to start! (ok so I’m a bit slow).

    Thanks for sharing that Vivian Maier site, it’s awesome. I wish Trent Parke had a website, but I think he rather enjoys being lo-fi. You can google him and check his stuff out though, pretty awesome. Australia’s only Magnum photographer.

    Have a look at some of these guys I’ve found from flickr:

    Lukas Vasilikos – what an eye. I’m always looking at his stuff with a dropped jaw: http://www.lukasvasilikos.com

    Rui Palha: http://www.ruipalha.com/the-book/the-book/

    Michael Penn: http://www.michaelpennphotography.com/

    Some inspiration to get started for ya 🙂

    • i’ll be back to what you usually expect from me this weekend I hope. not had much time to go through images lately- been out shooting a fair bit though 🙂
      I think you do a pretty good job at it to be honest. as i’ve said before I do like the style you have with it- even though I may not always know what to say to them lol. i’d prefer to not say anything unless I have something worthwhile to say if that makes sense.

      thanks for the links too. and all the best for 2011 for you too! 😀

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