Quick Update

Hi Guys, hope 2011 is treating you well so far. Hard to believe it’s nearly already the end of January!! I have a few images to go through which I’ll hopefully have posts up for in the near future. Been extremely busy and also had a few other projects i’ve been trying to do. Which has left me with little time to actually go through the images I have. Been out in the storms we’ve had lately, driven a lot of km’s without much reward so far- but it’ll pay off for me if I keep getting out there.

Fortescue river, newman, pilbara, floods

Fortescue River

Here’s a quick image that I took last year. We had some decent rain which got the Fortescue River flowing again. It was amazing standing by what is normally a dry river bed, with the water flowing past, the birds with a new found energy and just take it all in. I only took a couple of photo’s, and didn’t think I had anything but this image grew on me.

kermits pool, hancock gorge, karijini, pilbara

kermits portrait

This next image is of Bek and me down in Kermit’s Pool in Karijini, a chance for you to see the body behind the images….. I mean face. lol. Those bloody big feet of mine look like kermits feet anyway hahaha. Bek’s first time there, so was a great time. The light was pretty harsh by this time, and the flare was pretty much impossible to avoid, but some nice memories to have 🙂


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6 responses to “Quick Update

  1. Nice images ‘Kermit’ 😉 It’s great to see those outback and normally dry riverbeds run isn’t it. Especially when you know the place before they do.
    Urgh @ all the warning signs pasted all over the walls at Kermits pool these days… 😦 This country has gone so nuts that we are defacing are own landscapes with signs and barriers to protect the ‘stupid ones’ for fear of public liability… Whatever happened to personal responsibility ? We are messing with natural selection… 😐

    *end rant*

    • Thanks Tony, and yeah it sure is spectacular to see. I’d be interested in seeing a small scale flood too, just to experience it as obviously it’s not a common occurrence in Perth lol. It sure transforms the landscape, and was so peaceful to just sit there on the sand and take it in.

      And I hear you totally! You should see just around the corner- as it heads down to the grade 6 there’s a freekin full sized stop sign!! Only recent too as it wasn’t there 2 months ago. I agree, Darwin was a smart man. Natural selection rules! All we’re doing is dumbing us down as a race because we actually reward the dumb.

  2. I love this area so any decent photo of it is always good, oh yeah this is a decent photo by the way ha ha.

  3. Must be amazing up there this time of year. Hot, but amazing!
    I’m looking forward to seeing more, keep chasing those storms.

    • Hey Luke, it’s amazing anytime of the year- but is pretty cool at the moment. I love storms so it’s a nice place to be lol. They’ll be the end of me though. Tough place to chase when there’s only 3 directions (roads) to go, they’re always going off where you can’t get into them lol. Get used to the heat pretty quick though so that doesn’t bother me anymore.

      Ripper storm last night. Tore the town to shreds. Pretty hairy for a while there, but my fibro unit managed to stay on the ground haha.

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