Pilbara Dust Storm

Another quick post sorry, and just an Iphone pic I got from the other day. I was out at site for work, when returning back to town was literally surrounded by dozens of isolated storms. All of which were dumping a fair bit of rain, and kicking up a hell of a lot of dust!

pilbara, dust storm, newman,

Mars incoming

As I was at work I only had my phone, but still like this image. Literally pulled over, jumped out and snapped one image with my phone before this storm hit full force and I was left with a face full of dust and rain lol. Wish I had a few more seconds to use, and of course my DSLR would have been nice too lol.

We also got hit pretty hard in town by a storm last night. Woken up by the walls vibrating, then hearing the wind and rain. Wind which ended up being just shy of 120km/hr, which when you’re in a fibro donger style unit is quite an interesting time haha. Definitely got my attention and even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to get back to sleep. Of coarse I was running around the house checking the storm out from every window like a little kid. Fair bit of damage around town, but i’m still surprised this thing didn’t get damaged. The way it was shaking the whole house I did wonder for a while.

There’s a few more Iphone dust shots from this day on my facebook page.


2 responses to “Pilbara Dust Storm

  1. Red raised dust is quite spectacular hey Stephen ! go the iPhone πŸ™‚
    Surely you got some storm action yesterday arvo/last night ?
    I’m not sure of your exact location but there still appears ample instability in the broader region for more action tonight…

    Enjoy πŸ™‚

    • Yeah it sure is, as spectacular as it is messy haha. And yeah the Iphone’s saved me butt a few times. Think I should take me Lumix along with me when I head out there. Although in saying that this is only the first trip there’s been anything out of the ordinary to take photo’s of lol.

      And yeah last night went off!! Was one hell of a display. I headed off along a track just out of town and ended up on a hill I love going to so could see it all. Lightning everywhere, but unfortunately directly above too…… only CC, but I wasn’t hanging around out of the car too long to temp it haha.

      Tonight was really looking promising. The usual awesome build up mid arvo, usual when I’m at work anyway. On the weekends we don’t seem to get them. Fair bit of lightning- lots way north of town by the looks of the maps though, but this time too far off the road so couldn’t get too much.
      Got some shots once I was back in town though. Think tomorrow should be a good day too- but with rain by the looks of things. So will see…… trying to fit footy training in to these weeks too which is proving tough lol.

      And smack bang in Newman, so nice easy one to spot on the maps πŸ™‚

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