Sounds of then

Out on the patio, we sit, and the humidity we breathe, we watch the lightning- crack over cane fields, laugh and think, THIS IS AUSTRALIA!

storm, lightning, pilbara, newman

Sounds of then

These famous lyrics by Ganggajang, of course from their hit song Sounds of then (This is Australia) is some lyrics (well and song) I find going through my head quite often. Well more times then not when I’m out and about, imersing myself in this great land. Funny thing is, i’ve never owned this song, not got the CD, not got the MP3, I simply think I don’t need it, it’s always going through my head.

For me, the song sums up love for this magnificent country, I feel the artists have a similar passion for it to what I do. In saying this, never have these words rung more true to me then here in the Pilbara. No we don’t have canefields…. the humidity we do, the patio’s we do- and thank god the lightning we certainly do! So often I find myself driving through the lands, with the biggest smile on my face. I simply can’t help it! There’s no one around to see it, so why do I need to express such joy and excitement when there’s no one else to see it?? As I said, I simply can’t help it.

During these times I realise how lucky I am, how lucky I am to experience what I have, to see what I have, to go where I have, to live where I do- to be Australian. I’ve not been elsewhere, but not once have I ever thought of living elsewhere, really not even within other states to be honest. I am a passionate Ozzie, but also a passionate Western Australian. Yes we have to drive some huge distances to get between places. But those places are well worth the journey, and the journey for me is just as good. Amazingly I’m just scratching the surface too, seen so much- but there is oh so much more I want to see and experience.

But that’s enough of the state divides, we are one at the end of the day. And every single state has it’s own amazing locations. Of which I hope to one day be able to visit also. As yet apart, from Sydney and the High Country, they have not been able to pry me away from my home state yet. It is a very big YET though, and I look forward to being able to get there and travel the other states, very much look forward to it actually. But in the mean time i’m proud to say this is my state, this is my country, this is my home- This, is Australia.

Now where was I going before all this ramble you ask……. well of course a post like this has to have a lightning image to accompany it. This is taken from the hill just near town, overlooking East Newman, and the main road into town. I’d been out North of town and hiked up into the hills to get a decent look at a storm that was building. Unfortunately for me it decided to run parallel with me and head on towards town, so no shots there but it did give me a chance to try my luck with this image, one which i’ve had in my mind since I moved here. Bit more ground strikes would have been nice, but that will come 🙂 15 sec exposure with 1 nice beautiful lightning strike in it 🙂

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4 responses to “Sounds of then

  1. Well said Stephen 🙂 And a cracker of an image… do i spot something a little different from your usual in the post processing as well?

    • Thanks Charlene 🙂

      Not sure what you spotted though haha. If anything this is less PP then normal as I didn’t have to clone out any dust spots for once! Just my usual dash of blacks, contrast, saturation, and then sharpening in the RAW conversion. Didn’t even do a levels adjustment for this.

  2. Yeah it’s a classic track isn’t it ! It always reminds me of being in NQ

    “Out on the patio we’d sit,
    And the humidity we’d breathe,
    We’d watch the lightning crack over canefields
    Laugh and think, this is Australia. ”

    Cool composition mate – pity the lightning wasn’t quite close/intense enough to illuminate the entire scene a bit more… Next time 🙂

    • Yeah I love that song Tony, it worries me that if I already get it going through my head when i’m over here- what would it be like when I finally do get into the region the song was written for haha. I’ll be belting it out at the top of my voice! 😀 hehe.

      Yeah there wasn’t much on this night. The night before was incredible, perfect for taking photos- except too perfect if that makes sense. I’m brave when it comes to standing on a hill in a lightning storm, but not dumb enough to be doing it when they’re above me haha. Was a bit too close that night so I just sat there in my car and enjoyed the experience 🙂

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