Pilbara Convection

It’s well over due once again, I know. Work being crazy, trying to chase down storms and now footy pre-season in full swing it’s hard to get on here to post some pics haha.

pilbara, thunderstorm, white gum,

Convection Wonderland

This is standard of this time of year up here. My work mates must think i’m crazy, as we progress through the day my excitement grows. Lunch time and after it builds. And what causes it is not only home time- it’s storm time! The classic Pilbara day in the wet season is perfect morning, then few puffy clouds around lunch, then some of these nice fluffy lil clouds decide to grow some balls and go off! Up they rise, how ever many thousand feet, and all within a 5-10min period sometimes. These can keep building, and turn into a nice lil thunderstom, or they collapse on themselves and fade away to nothingness just as quick as they formed.

It’s an awesome experience, and trying to pick what cloud is going to be a winner is one hell of a gamble. Sometimes you get it right, other times not. But really it comes down to luck, and just putting yourself out there in the first place. πŸ™‚

This summer is far from standard for the Pilbara however. We have just come off over 2 weeks of really sub standard temps, mostly under 35deg, and quite a few around 30. On top of this there’s been consistent rain, with decent falls of 5-10ml, or more recorded nearly every day for over 2 weeks also. Definitely not what I was expecting coming up here- and not used to either with a couple of months up around or over 40deg. But still, seeing the region like this is something to treasure. Most locals have never seen it this way, and i’ve managed to get it in one year. So I’ll enjoy it while we have it πŸ™‚ Makes it difficult however with most roads being closed though haha. 3 roads out of town and for much of the last 2 weeks- 2 have been closed totally.

Anyway I hope you like this pic. My partner came up from Perth around New Years so we headed out to my favorite spot just out of town for sunset. There were a couple of storms building, but then this beautiful lil convection built up over Mt Newman in the distance.

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17 responses to “Pilbara Convection

  1. The Pilbara, cooler than Perth in summer? Geez! Let me recite that tired phrase “the weather’s going crazy!”

    Dude, your partner comes up from Perth and you go do photography? Poor thing! πŸ˜‰

    • It’s not quite that crazy Charlene haha. Think we’ve been on par the last couple of weeks, but definitely wetter. Looking like we’ll be back to warmer temps soon though.

      And she had my company, so of course that makes things worth while πŸ˜‰ haha

  2. Great shot mate very sharp. Classic Pilbara!
    You must be busy up there mate haven’t seen to many posts from you in a while?

    • thanks Ben.
      And yeah sure am, works flat out so between footy, more fitness work and then a bit of shooting i’m usually buggered by the end and don’t really feel too up to getting on here lol. And my partner was up last week so didn’t get on at all then.

      Got a 100 posts or something in my blog reader too so I may be busy this weekend haha

  3. Great shot Stephen and a worthy winner of the Gem Camera Club Open competition for February,


  4. What footy team are you playing for mate? I played two seasons for the Pioneers.

  5. Cool Pilbara image Stephen,
    more experience and knowledge will improve your odds a bit in picking the better updraughts… but nature is nature and we are mere people – ha !
    What are you doing for work up there ?


    • Thanks Tony, and yeah I could do with better odds haha. Toughest bit here is only having 3 roads, so very limited as to what storms you can actually get in to as well. But still a good experience none the less πŸ˜€

      Just working with the mob i’ve worked with for the last few years. Warehouse/sales team leader in our Blackwoods branch up here. Supplying all the mines of all their stuff basically.

  6. Nice one Stephen. The Pilbara is indeed a great place storms eh? And this year is proving to be one hell of a season!

    • thanks Davo, sure is a great place for them. And unfortunately most have been closer to the coast, but we’ve still got some beauties. We have however had a shitload of rain, and drizzle. Feb was a weird month, and today we were sitting in the mid twenties haha. Least it makes footy training a bit easier lol

  7. timwratephotography

    Cool image here Stephen – I like the rustic feel to it – I guess it comes part and parcel up in the Pilbara!

  8. Ok I’m here Stephen ……. but nothing new , no posts since Feb , whats going on here ????
    I thought something was wrong when I got your message off Lukes site, and I didn’t get any email notifications , but you have nothing new !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Ok ……. but time for you to post a new one !!!!

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