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It’s the end of the world as we know it

Well as we have all heard many times over the last few weeks May 21st 2011 is meant to be a day bringing along the end of the world. Interesting thinking, and by all means many are skeptical. Including myself! But even so, imagine my surprise when at 4am this morning our small town of Newman was shaken awake by none other then an Earthquake! lol

newman, pilbara, sunset

Newman sunset

In a half sleep, dazed moment one could only think- “well the boys put a bit too much in that one!” in reference to the blasting at the huge BHP Iron Ore minesite that the town sits on the outskirts of. Then when you realize the time you know this isn’t the case, even yet an Earthquake is the last thing to come to mind with us being in a region definitely not known for quakes! So I fell back asleep, to awake an hr later for work, thinking did I dream that??? Quick search on the net and no I wasn’t going crazy haha. Quite a surreal experience though, and while not strong enough to cause any damage it was still up around 5 on the Richter scale, so I guess it’s not exactly a small one.
Anyway here’s an photo just outside of town from before the Earthquake hit….. no doubt looks exactly the same now but it was a pretty remarkable sunset so it needed to be shared 🙂

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