Is that a unicorn?

Well no, but probably something as rare as one! A image post from me! lol. Funny when I look back as I was preaching I was wanting to do a 365 like project, and do a post a day during my time in the Pilbara. Something I’ve not even got close to doing, just simply not enough time in a day i’m afraid. I’ve still managed a bit of time to get out and take some photos of my amazing surrounds, so I will endeavor to get this blog back up and running with some sort of regular posts.

pilbara, karijini, sunset

Ancient Lands

This is an image I really strived for upon my arrival in Newman 12 months ago. I believe my photography went up a level during my original visit- but that was all in the gorges. You really can’t do much wrong in there. So I wanted to focus above ground, and especially some daytime images as oppose to all sunrise/sunset photos. This I believe has helped me to achieve that.

It was taken back in March on my trip around Tom Price and it’s surrounding area’s. An amazing weekend of driving, climbing hills and taking photos. As I was driving along, the light turned, and I pulled over straight away and headed into the bush. The hills caught my eye with their amazing folds and ridges, topped off with the spinifex in the foreground. The head high spinifex shoots caught the light in spectacular fashion.

I’ll try and do an update post soon for you all, i’m currently in Perth painting my house- so this is as good a reason as ever to get away from it for a few minutes! lol. πŸ˜€

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12 responses to “Is that a unicorn?

  1. I better go buy a lotto ticket Stephen. That would beat a unicorn hands down πŸ˜‰

    That is a lovely image, and there’s something different about it compositionally, than your usual style. Nice job.

    P.S. wow, green spinifex!

    • haha, yeah probably more luck in lotto then getting regular posts from me lately lol. glad you like the image, not sure what the difference in composition is but i’m glad you like it πŸ™‚

      and yes, green spinifex all year so far, been incredible to see. some parts earlier on it was hard to remember you were in the Pilbara- not the south west of the state!

  2. Hi Stephen, just thought I’d say Hi. Congrats on your win at Gem last night, beautiful photos!!

  3. Nice one mate! that spinifex is cranking. Who one the Grand Final in town this year??

  4. Great image Stephen – it’s great to see and read something on here again πŸ™‚

  5. I like unicorns! ;D

    I miss scenery like this so much, when I’m in Sydney suburbia. That’s some lovely light on the spinifex!

    • Hi Melissa, it certainly was a magical afternoon. And I know what you mean, I miss this scenery even when I am inside let alone on the other side of the country haha. Do you fly in to the Pilbara or just visited?

  6. Beautiful shot and that light is to die for. Heading up that way in April and can’t wait to have a crack at that amazing scenery.

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