Newman landscapes

Hello to you all in blog world, if anyone checks in here anymore anyway. It’s been far too long between posts unfortunately, and quite funny to think that a year ago I was hoping to post an image a day…. I didn’t even manage one a week i’m afraid.

newman, sunset, pilbara

Newman Isolation

After a crazy year to say the least, i’ve returned to Perth from Newman where I called home for about 14 months. I’ll return for sure when the time is right, but just for now I need to be in Perth. I was privileged to see some amazing locations, and experience  some absolutely once in a lifetime experiences.

This image is from just out of town, I loved so much how I could finish work and 10min later be in a place such as this, a place seemingly untouched by anyone. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and leave the worries of the day far behind. On this particular day after the sun had just gone below the horizon the clouds lit up in beautiful fashion.

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8 responses to “Newman landscapes

  1. Hey bud, I didn’t realise you were back in Perth, I might have to have a look through some of your pics from up North. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them as always

  2. Love those red tones Stephen. Great shot mate.

  3. Awesome Pilbara palette with this one Stephen !
    All the best in 2012 and beyond 🙂

  4. Well it’s about bloody time you posted something! ha ha. I have now moved back to Perth as well mate due to the second little Cleggy on it’s way. we might have to catch up some time for a shoot?? Nice shot by the way the colours in the sky look great.

    • haha, yeah it’s been a while hey. just not even had time to get through my images let alone post them lol. well done on the upcoming arrival, hope it all goes well for you!
      and yeah we’ll have to try and catch up sometime for sure. i’m down Armadale way but something coastal sounds good. few weeks time perhaps

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