Pilbara Textures

pilbara, white gum, sunset

Pilbara Textures

This is honestly one of my most favorite image I’ve ever taken, it’s definitely more of an arty/abstract image then I’d usually take, but screams Pilbara for me. Anywhere in the Pilbara you are greeted with scenes like this, white gums upon ridge lines, with spinifex nestled at it’s feet. Once the day gets to the golden hour at the end of the day it simply explodes with colour and character.

I was taking a few shots at this location when I simply turned around, and was greeted by this amazing sight. I couldn’t set the tripod up quick enough! And after firing a couple of shots I knew I had what I was after. The subtle curve of the spinifex leading to the white gum standing majestically on the ridge, the subtle highlights in the clouds and even the natural vignetting with shadows and clouds adding to the impact.

It has the appearance of more post processing then i’d usually do with my images but literally has nothing more then my usual dash of contrast, saturation and sharpening to bring the image to print quality. The amazing thing is, that I was incredibly happy with this image from the second I took it, that once loading it onto my mac I managed to forget all about it until about 6 months later!!! Incredible ashamed to admit that, and baffled as to how it happened but I guess sometimes things get away from you!

It’s ended up being a successful and popular image too with this image getting runner up photo of the year with the Gem Camera Club and being voted as the viewers choice in the recent Spring in the Hills photo exhibition recently held in Kalamunda. Hopefully this continues and you all enjoy this as much as I do. I must admit it takes me back to the Pilbara each time I look at it hanging on my wall in all it’s glory šŸ˜€

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One response to “Pilbara Textures

  1. That is just so gorgeous, Stephen! A magic moment captured…

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