About Stephen Williams

I’m based in the city of Perth, located in the marvelous state of Western Australia. Being a passionate bushwalker and forever having a love for our natural environment, I quite often find myself in the most beautiful landscapes and scenery. From this grows my love for photography. To be able to bring images of scenes to people who otherwise would not have experienced it brings me immense satisfaction.

As the subjects i photograph are natural, I have chosen to keep my photographs the same. All of my images are single exposure, with no enhancements. “My aim is to capture a image, not create one” A big part of my enjoyment in photography is finding the balance in a image. Finding the right composition, exposure, focus and Depth of Field is a big part of me expressing what I have seen and felt in a scene. Every photo I take has a part of me in it.

You can view more of my images at www.swilliamsphotos.com

I also have a 2009 landscape Calendar available from my site.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs.

Stephen Williams


10 responses to “About Stephen Williams

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Love the shots! Keep up the good work.


    Keith Rowell

  2. thanks very much Keith.
    you have some awesome shot’s hey.

    great to hear from you

  3. Hi Stephen
    I am sure you are some where taking great Photos over easter i hope you do.
    I send you a page which i found by accident, its my favorite at the moment Its dave.jp David Lee is his name he lives in Tokyo, American married to a local Girl and he makes a “photo a day” which i found fascinating he adores his Daughter and his Landscape Photos are very good too, i like his Style.
    Hope you have lots of fun with your new Computer
    Take care Anton

  4. thanks Anton.
    i just checked it out- thanks for the link.
    he does have a nice site. don’t know if i’d be keen for a shot a day!!

    hopefully got a couple of shot’s to post from Easter.
    just need a bit of time to go though them now.
    didn’t shoot as much as i’d usually as there were far too many people around, and it was more of a family orientated trip. will get out by meself again when we start getting some rain! and yup- new laptop is very nice! 🙂

  5. Hi Stephen,
    Your photography is amazing! Makes me want to visit WA asap. 🙂 Keep up the good work!
    Psych Babbler

  6. Hey cuz,
    i really like your photos
    you do a wonderful job of capturing hte moment.
    i have one of your calanders lol.
    Your mum gave it to me.
    hope your well,
    xx Love tamar

  7. Hi Stephen. Keep up the good work and wait until you are up north. Photographers paradise and you will be there.
    Take care

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