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Well I thought i’d continue on with the beach theme as I can’t wait to actually get some free time and get there myself!! This is another image from my Pilbara trip, and was taken at one of the beaches along the West side of the Exmouth Cape. I can’t remember what one exactly, but I think it was either side of Lakeside.

Looking out over the Ningaloo Reef, it is a breathtaking bit of coastline. The sand is flawless, and the water is such a fantastic blue. I didn’t have much luck with the standard beach scenes, so i tried something a bit different.

There were some small dunes right near the water so I headed into them hoping to find some nice ridges. It was a bit late in the day to get heavily contrasting ridges in the sand (a type of image I really want to get one day) but I ended up coming across this scene. I liked the small ridges following up the dune to the water. And using the plants as some natural framing to keep the scene compact. Would love to be there again! It was my first time really shooting beaches like this, and since then I have had so many ideas and compositions I want to try next time.

I’m still a bit undecided on this, so interested in peoples thoughts, And also would like to have any suggestions for what I could have done. Thanks 🙂

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Ningaloo Reef

I thought i’d throw a few more images taken while snorkeling at Quobba Blowholes(Carnarvon) Coral bay and Exmouth Cape. All area’s found along the magnificent Ningaloo reef. Once again they’re not the most amazing shot’s, but they still give a bit of an idea on what can be found in the area.

Thanks 🙂

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Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef


Due to being lesser known then the Great Barrier Reef. The Ningaloo Reef, found about 1000km North of Perth Western Australia is quite a rewarding reef destination in Australia. It has been Western Australia’s secret for many years but in the last decade has burst onto the worlds scene. Stretching from Carnarvon to Exmouth, stunning coral reefs are found at times 10m from shore. Within these, a huge diversity of marine life and coral can be found.

With water depths of 3-4m close to shore, even inexperienced snorkelers can enjoy the amazing area. And then you can swim with the magnificent Whale Sharks, Manta Rays or Dugongs. Something I do hope to experience. In my days at Coral bay and Exmouth, I spent very little time photographing. With waters sitting at a beautiful 27 deg, there was only one place to be. 🙂

On one day I was up at Vlamingh Lighthouse hoping for a nice sunset. It didn’t eventuate but I did manage a shot of the lighthouse itself with some nice soft light. Pretty much my only shot of the area as my beach scenes were nothing more then disasters! 😦 The white sand was blinding, and I couldn’t see anything to tell if I had the shot in focus or exposed as I would like. It is something that I will be much better prepared for next time!

Before I set off, I purchased a small Olympus MJU790 which is waterproof to 3m. Boy I was glad to have had that. While photographing while snorkeling is not a easy task, I ended up with quite a few holiday snaps. One of which that was a complete fluke (it turned out half decent :p) was the shot of the Turtle. I ended up swimming with 3 of these stunning creatures off Coral Bay. Not very good, but a shot worth sharing with you anyways.

While up there I saw the most amazing photo of a turtle as it took a gasp of air on the surface. There were waves around and a very nice wave splash across 1 corner of the shot. If anyone has swum with the Turtles you would know how hard this would have been! They only have their head above the water for about a second. And with the waves chopping around like that, it’s amazing to get such a sharp shot. Just thinking about it makes me feel ashamed to be showing mine….

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks 🙂

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