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Snowy Mountains, New South Wales

I thought I’d quickly go back to some of my older shots before returning to more of my images from Karijini. These were taken in the Snowy Mountains when I was over there a few years ago. I did the Lakes circuit which starts off from Charlottes Pass. The loop takes you to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko, tallest peak in Australia. From there I did the detour to the summit of Mt Townsend which is the 2nd highest peak, it is a much more rugged peak then Kosciuszko and gives some incredible views down to Geehi. The trail proceeds around the 5 Alpine lakes that can be found in the Region and including the detour to Mt Towsnend came to a distance of around 28km. A tough but very rewarding day that culminates at the spectacular Blue Lake.

I originally planned to reach the summit for sunrise, a plan that didn’t quite happen. But as a result I managed to capture 2 of my favorite shots.

The first shot I captured was the upper reaches of the Snowy River. The light was just starting to turn as the sun neared the horizon. It created a very peaceful and surreal scene as I crossed the river. It was such a simple shot, with nothing outstanding about it. But I think that it is that simpleness that attracted me to the photo.

I was then in a dilema as to whether I wait for the light to continue to improve, or continue walking. I decided the later and I’m glad I did. Not far from the Summit of Kosciuszko is Seamans Hut. It is a survival hut named after a young man who died in a blizzard in 1928. I really love these high country huts, and would love to visit more of them. Just as I neared the hut the light changed, and I received that “magical light” every photographer dreams of! What I love about this image is how different it is to most other photographs taken of it. They are mostly taken in winter with heavy snow, obviously the complete opposite to this scene.

Thanks 🙂