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The Cascades-Pemberton

Pemberton Patterns

Pemberton Patterns

This is from the section of creek known as the cascades near Pemberton in the South West. Pemberton is a stunning area known for it’s huge trees stretching 60 odd meters into the sky. A very memorable experience.

The whole time we were here it rained.. So I didn’t manage any forrest shots, and this was basically the only shot of the cascades I got. I would have liked to try a few more things but the weather did not permit 😦

I’m putting this out there for some tips. I’m not entirely happy with the top half of this image. The tree section really seems a bit flat, and i would have liked to have the feeling of a bit more depth. I really liked the bubbles streaming down, creating a very nice foreground.

So wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I could have done? I was at the far end of the walkway, with nothing but 2m deep blackberry bushes to the right (so no way was I getting in there!), otherwise I think i would have liked to go a bit futher. I would have liked to get the tree on the right a bit further in the frame- which I think would have helped. Interested to hear any thoughts.

Thanks 🙂

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