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A little about me


I’m quite new to this blog thing so just thought i’d put a little bit out there so you all know a little about me.

I’ve been into photography to some extent all my life, always interested in Steve Parish’s work for as long as I can remember. But I never really did start taking any photo’s myself (except happy snaps) till mid 2006 when i decided to get myself a DSLR. I was going down to work in the Stirling Ranges for a couple of months and thought it would be a great buy. Little did I know how much a great buy it would be. I still enjoy viewing Steve Parish’s work, and other great photographers such as Christian Fletcher, Ken Duncan, Peter Lik all have a standard i strive towards. And i have come across many other up and coming photographers who i always enjoy viewing their work.

I ended up getting a Olympus E-300 DSLR. As I had no prior experience with DSLR’s I didn’t want to spend too much until i knew what I was doing. While the quality lacks a bit compared to the major camera brands it was a fantastic beginners camera to learn on. Extremely easy to use. Now i’m looking at upgrading to Canon some stage in the future.

I shoot mainly landscapes, seascapes and some nature/wildflowers as well. This is all very good for me as i’m a very passionate bushwalker and love the outdoors. For the majority of my photo’s i shoot in manual mode, i really enjoy having full control of my exposures and finding the balance that my eye see’s in the scene.

As what i shoot is natural, I like to shoot the same way, and therefore don’t alter or enhance any of my images. I use white balance in camera to warm up a photo or cool it down. And the only photoshop I do is to crop my image. To enhance or not to enhance will always be discussed in photography but this is my personal preference for my photo’s. While i don’t like overly photoshopped photo’s, i do enjoy viewing some moderate enhancements. My aim in photography is more to capture an image, not create one.

While i would love to at some stage become a full time photographer and travel the world, i realize that this is a long long way off. I have a 2009 calendar in the works, and currently have a web site under construction. I hope to have some success with these, but the main reason is to reach out and see what people think of my work. I love bringing images to people who otherwise would never have experienced the things that i have.

So in the meantime i’ll be posting some of my images and look for some feedback. I’m forever trying to improve my photography so some constructive criticism is more then welcome, i’d prefer to hear how i could have improved the shot more then i would like to hear you say that shot is good. But hearing that is good as well 🙂

Well i hope that you all have some idea about me now and i hope you enjoy my photo’s.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.