Happy New Year

I’ve not had a chance to post anything lately as i’ve been back down in Perth catching up with family and friends, on what was a very busy, but enjoyable holiday. Probably the first relaxing holiday i’ve had for many years, very different to the usual up at 4-5am, and back to camp at 7-8pm that my trips usually are like haha.

I’m back in Newman now, and quite possibly kicking the New Year off in style with a quick trip out to Karijini. I am after all here in the Pilbara, so will be making the most of that this year. Now things are kind of settling down I should be able to do that a bit more then I have done lately. I look forward immensely to travelling up, into and through the Kimberley with a trip along the Gibb River Rd and other locations. And later on in the year I should hopefully be doing an even bigger and exciting trip taking in a lot of new area’s and locations.

Thanks to those of you who are regular visitors, and especially those who leave comments and help me improve my art. Stay safe in 2011!


Lucky Light

This is an image I was quite lucky to get. Returning from Karijini a couple of months ago I was watching the light to see where I could stop for a shoot. Nothing was grabbing me until I saw the light start to hit a large hill to the South West. There was no way i’d be able to get a shot so I continued driving until finally, I saw a hill close to the road.

white gum, newman, sunset, pilbara

Newman Sunset

Parking up I grabbed my gear and sprinted, hoping to catch the last bit of light. Hoping a barbed wire fence in my haste, I continued up the hill. Anyone who has walked through spinifex country will know what I mean when I say it’s not easy to run through haha. I got to the top and set up, waiting for the light to cast it’s gorgeous light on the last bit of shadows. Which was unfortunately not to be as the angle was not quite right.

Not to be wasted though, I turned around and the hill to the East was cast in magnificent light. As was this stunning white gum. I loved how the light hit a few of the higher tufts of spinifex in front of and around the tree.


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Funky Tree

Plenty of area’s in the Pilbara are burnt, quite a surreal landscape to see- and quite different to the usual Savanah/Spinifex landscape the Pilbara is known for. The burnt area’s are so vast and baron, and you could very easily imagine being on Mars, with hill after hill of red rock.

white gum, karijini, western australia

Funky Tree

This is one of the burnt area’s, in fact it is on the entrance road to Karijini National Park. There still are some tree’s on the hill, and this big tree in particular caught my eye as the sun went down.


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Another from the competition

Here’s another Twilight image from the Pilbara. I really do love the soft light that follows the sun setting, and in this region it seems to have that magic afterglow most nights.

pilbara, newman, sunset

Pilbara Twilight

To the other bloggers out there, can you think of why the re-sized images come up so soft like this? Click on the image and view in it’s full size and you’ll see what I mean. They never used to go this bad but i’ve noticed it a bit lately… :-/


This image is from just out of town, I went out storm chasing and found myself at the top of a hill. The sunset was pretty uneventful, and the storms that were going off were simply too far away. I hung around anyway and once the soft light hit I was able to capture this image, the hill I was standing on cast it’s shadow through the bottom of the image, which I felt balanced out with the darker clouds in the top half. It got a 77 in the Landscape 500.


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Flashback to Karijini

I’ve posted a few topside Pilbara images lately so thought i’d head back to an image from Karijini, which really is one location I get excited about whenever I think about it. Yes it’s been photographed a million times, but so has Cottesloe, The Boat Shed, Sydney Harbour etc etc- all images that are in just about every photographers gallery.

Those places have no real meaning to me- so therefore won’t appear in my image galleries, Karijini however ignites a passion within me. My love for the outdoors, my love for adventure, my love for my home- Australia, or more specifically- Western Australia, a place I could not imagine living without. Many a times it has taken my blood, in some funny silly ways, some more serious ways. But forever it will be in my blood, feeding an insatiable desire to experience even more magical moments and create memories I’ll never forget. Well I hope not for many many years anyway. I’ve had a taste, and will not stop until i’m totally fulfilled.


kermits pool, hancock gorge, karijini

Kermits Cascade

This image is again of Hancock Gorge, or more specifically- Kermit’s Pool. I’ve mentioned previous times how fortunate i’ve been to experience this unbelievable spot by myself on 3 occasions now. For about 2-3hrs each time. Each time i’ve snapped a few images, then sat in awe for the rest of my time. Yes it is a more classic image, but it is pretty hard to go past a place that stirs such emotions it does within me and not bring a bit home with me.

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Here’s a new image from The Pilbara

This is one of my favorite images from the Pilbara, and quite different to others of this vast landscape. It’s got the white gums I love, mixed with some amazing twilight light after sunset. I took it a couple of months ago now but was waiting until the results from the Landscape 500 came back before I posted it.

white gum, pilbara, western australia landscapes

Bronze in the Landscape 500- Score 79

The sunset on this particular day wasn’t anything too special, but I hung it out as I really love the twilight light, and it really has an amazing effect on the Pilbara Landscapes. This day did not disappoint, and my patience was rewarded. There was some wind which gives the tree it’s surreal look. Mixing moving leaves with the stationary trunk. A trunk which has shone beautifully in the soft light, and the rocks which still have incredible luminescence taking into consideration there is no direct light on any of this scene.

Just missed out again on Silver, but still a result i’m happy with 🙂

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Some oldies get Bronze

Here’s a couple of other images that I’ve had for quite some time that went ok in the recent Landscape 500 photography competition held by Christian Fletcher.

Stirling Ranges, sunrise, landscape

Bronze in Landscape 500- Score 77

The first image here is from a while ago down in the Stirling Ranges. Read my previous post for info on this image.

albany, sunset, beach,

Bronze in the Landscape 500- Score 77

I also took this image a while back in Albany. For the full post check out this post.

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Landscape 500 Awards

Christian Fletcher held his first photo competition this year, and with top photographers such as Peter Eastway, Tom Putt, David Evans and Nick Rains being the judges- I thought it was a perfect chance to get my work rated by the best in the business. I never really thought i’d win, but if I got a Silver or 2 would have been pretty happy.

As it turns out I got all Bronzes, this one being the first of them. Just off a Silver , so still pretty happy with the result.

esperance, sand dunes, landscape

Bronze in Landscape 500. Score 79

Here are the top 50 images, and judging by the amount of Karijini images in there i’m now resenting my choice to not enter mine haha. I thought with so many from that location it’d be a bad choice to enter them. Oh well, only the first big comp i’ve entered so I still can’t complain 🙂


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Mark Webber

Good news is that i’m myself again, finally full of energy, enthusiasm and energy! And to top it off we’ve had some awesome storms around Newman again, so i’ve been out getting some pics. Stay tuned for these.

Mark Webbers Car

I had to head to Perth last week for some training, which meant I ended up in Burswood for a few nights. Which wasn’t too tough a stay to be honest. Very different from my usual accommodation which of course is my lil bullet, my yellow hiking tent haha. I must admit I felt very out of place for pretty much the whole time lol. And it was very weird being here sober, think it was the first time haha.

Mark Webbers Car

One of the highlights was that it also happened to be the same time F1 driver Mark Webber was in town for his drive around Barbagello. I was hoping to get to meet him, but he was a few floors above us all the whole time I think in the penthouse rooms lol. Second best was getting up close and personal with his race car though. Just a couple of snaps on a compact camera.

It’s been great watching him tackle the championship over the last few months. Bummer he couldn’t quite get there, but now as the “number 2” driver, and with a taste again that he can be in contention, i’m sure he’ll be more determined then ever! Hopefully he’ll teach that punk Vettel a thing or 2 😉

It would have been pretty cool to see him race around the track too. Which brings me to these pics…. of what not to do when spending a day in the sun. My step sister went along for the day, quite a warm day with no shade. The results, well you can see for yourself…. Had some bad burns myself over the years but nothing half as bad as this! Ouch! Thanks to her for bein a good sport and letting stealing these pics though! 🙂







Anyway my next post will be the proper stuff. The Pilbara landscapes I love so much. 🙂

They’re watching me

As I mentioned in my last post, i’ve copped a serious case of Pneumonia, thanks to a viral bug I managed to get a few weeks ago now. Literally the last thing I thought i’d manage to get in the Pilbara haha. So unfortunately i’ve simply not managed to get out and get any fresh shots. After work, which have been pretty long days unfortunately- i’ve literally only managed to get home and get to the couch. So have simply not been well enough to do any photo shoots for far too long now. I did head out yesterday, and a 1/2km walk left me exhausted, coughing, spluttering and dry wrenching haha. So not sure if i’ll try it again this afternoon.

the granites, mount magnet, northern goldfields, western australia

Rainbow Serpent- click to view large

So anyway here’s a older image. You may recognize this remarkable place from my earlier post. It’s from a place near Mount Magnet, where I stopped on my way up here back in September. When I head down at Christmas I think i’ll be stopping off here again for another magical sunset. I went into some details in the post about the emotions I was going through at that stage, and it really was like a spiritual moment for me. This area is heavily involved with aboriginal history-more then a lot of other area’s that would also have aboriginal history Flem, before you go getting all cheeky again! haha.

The Badimia tribe used to call Mount Magnet their home, and the granites area was used for ceremonies, with a large number of rock art to be found. In the twilight light the area really felt mystical, and I felt quite privileged to be standing there. As a matter of fact I had a few of the locals standing on the cliff face watching me. Locals in the form of goats on this occasion however.

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