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Pilbara Dust Storm

Another quick post sorry, and just an Iphone pic I got from the other day. I was out at site for work, when returning back to town was literally surrounded by dozens of isolated storms. All of which were dumping a fair bit of rain, and kicking up a hell of a lot of dust!

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Mars incoming

As I was at work I only had my phone, but still like this image. Literally pulled over, jumped out and snapped one image with my phone before this storm hit full force and I was left with a face full of dust and rain lol. Wish I had a few more seconds to use, and of course my DSLR would have been nice too lol.

We also got hit pretty hard in town by a storm last night. Woken up by the walls vibrating, then hearing the wind and rain. Wind which ended up being just shy of 120km/hr, which when you’re in a fibro donger style unit is quite an interesting time haha. Definitely got my attention and even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to get back to sleep. Of coarse I was running around the house checking the storm out from every window like a little kid. Fair bit of damage around town, but i’m still surprised this thing didn’t get damaged. The way it was shaking the whole house I did wonder for a while.

There’s a few more Iphone dust shots from this day on my facebook page.