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Pilbara Dust Storm

Another quick post sorry, and just an Iphone pic I got from the other day. I was out at site for work, when returning back to town was literally surrounded by dozens of isolated storms. All of which were dumping a fair bit of rain, and kicking up a hell of a lot of dust!

pilbara, dust storm, newman,

Mars incoming

As I was at work I only had my phone, but still like this image. Literally pulled over, jumped out and snapped one image with my phone before this storm hit full force and I was left with a face full of dust and rain lol. Wish I had a few more seconds to use, and of course my DSLR would have been nice too lol.

We also got hit pretty hard in town by a storm last night. Woken up by the walls vibrating, then hearing the wind and rain. Wind which ended up being just shy of 120km/hr, which when you’re in a fibro donger style unit is quite an interesting time haha. Definitely got my attention and even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to get back to sleep. Of coarse I was running around the house checking the storm out from every window like a little kid. Fair bit of damage around town, but i’m still surprised this thing didn’t get damaged. The way it was shaking the whole house I did wonder for a while.

There’s a few more Iphone dust shots from this day on my facebook page.


Quick Update

Hi Guys, hope 2011 is treating you well so far. Hard to believe it’s nearly already the end of January!! I have a few images to go through which I’ll hopefully have posts up for in the near future. Been extremely busy and also had a few other projects i’ve been trying to do. Which has left me with little time to actually go through the images I have. Been out in the storms we’ve had lately, driven a lot of km’s without much reward so far- but it’ll pay off for me if I keep getting out there.

Fortescue river, newman, pilbara, floods

Fortescue River

Here’s a quick image that I took last year. We had some decent rain which got the Fortescue River flowing again. It was amazing standing by what is normally a dry river bed, with the water flowing past, the birds with a new found energy and just take it all in. I only took a couple of photo’s, and didn’t think I had anything but this image grew on me.

kermits pool, hancock gorge, karijini, pilbara

kermits portrait

This next image is of Bek and me down in Kermit’s Pool in Karijini, a chance for you to see the body behind the images….. I mean face. lol. Those bloody big feet of mine look like kermits feet anyway hahaha. Bek’s first time there, so was a great time. The light was pretty harsh by this time, and the flare was pretty much impossible to avoid, but some nice memories to have šŸ™‚


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Funky Tree

Plenty of area’s in the Pilbara are burnt, quite a surreal landscape to see- and quite different to the usual Savanah/Spinifex landscape the Pilbara is known for. The burnt area’s are so vast and baron, and you could very easily imagine being on Mars, with hill after hill of red rock.

white gum, karijini, western australia

Funky Tree

This is one of the burnt area’s, in fact it is on the entrance road to Karijini National Park. There still are some tree’s on the hill, and this big tree in particular caught my eye as the sun went down.


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They’re watching me

As I mentioned in my last post, i’ve copped a serious case of Pneumonia, thanks to a viral bug I managed to get a few weeks ago now. Literally the last thing I thought i’d manage to get in the Pilbara haha. So unfortunately i’ve simply not managed to get out and get any fresh shots. After work, which have been pretty long days unfortunately- i’ve literally only managed to get home and get to the couch. So have simply not been well enough to do any photo shoots for far too long now. I did head out yesterday, and a 1/2km walk left me exhausted, coughing, spluttering and dry wrenching haha. So not sure if i’ll try it again this afternoon.

the granites, mount magnet, northern goldfields, western australia

Rainbow Serpent- click to view large

So anyway here’s a older image. You may recognize this remarkable place from my earlier post. It’s from a place near Mount Magnet, where I stopped on my way up here back in September. When I head down at Christmas I think i’ll be stopping off here again for another magical sunset. I went into some details in the post about the emotions I was going through at that stage, and it really was like a spiritual moment for me. This area is heavily involved with aboriginal history-more then a lot of other area’s that would also have aboriginal history Flem, before you go getting all cheeky again! haha.

The Badimia tribe used to call Mount Magnet their home, and the granites area was used for ceremonies, with a large number of rock art to be found. In the twilight light the area really felt mystical, and I felt quite privileged to be standing there. As a matter of fact I had a few of the locals standing on the cliff face watching me. Locals in the form of goats on this occasion however.

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Homeward Bound

Seems weird saying that seeing as though it was only a month ago I moved to Newman, in the Pilbara. But i’ve had to head home for a brief stay for a mates wedding and all the rest. So instead of sitting at home doing nothing- as everyone else is working during the week. I thought I must pay my dear old friend a visit. That friend is of course my beloved Stirling Ranges! šŸ™‚


The reason for this trip is to get back into an area i’ve not visited for far, far too long. That is the Eastern Rudge. It’s basically the toughest walk you can do in WA. You walk a mere 22km, but over the only real mountains we have. It’s basically bush bashing- no well groomed track for us, and you sleep under the stars, or if you want some comfort you make base in one of the couple of caves found along the top of the ridge. It’s an incredible way to spend a night! šŸ™‚

The Arrows

So I thought i’d dig through some ancient images, I think these were even taken on point and shoot camera’s, so apologies for the complete lack of quality with these haha. There will hopefully be better images to come from this trip! They give you some idea about the area anyway.

Bluff Knoll

I’ll also be trying to put technology to the test, and do a video tour of my cave tomorrow night. That will be posted to my facebook fanpage, so stay tuned into that tomorrow night and check it out!!

The Ridge

The top image is looking West along the ridge line, yes you do go up and over it all. The 2nd is over looking the section known as the Arrow’s, awesome terrain there, and the location of the only Penthouse you’ll find in the Stirlings- of course that is my cave! šŸ˜€

The 3rd is looking at Bluff Knoll, very different viewpoint from this side. And for those of you who have climbed the tourist track, that has nothing on this side. It is a daunting sight as you head to the base of it, knowing you still need to climb it haha. The last image is the length of the ride, Ellen’s Peak on the left, Pyongerup Peak, The Arrows, Isongerup Peak and then lastly Bluff Knoll on the right. Looking through these old pics sure has got me excited to get there! šŸ™‚

Fee Fi Fo Fum

In a land far, far away, there is a place of magic and mystery. A simple climb up the magic beanstalk, and you find yourself in a land of giants. Here everyday items appear miniature, and the inhabitants are so small and fragile. It’s a place high above the clouds, where a BBG (Big Beaming Giant) roams carefree. His silhouette can often be seen at sunrise, from the car park if you look up, you will see it, the BBG standing at the summit. Gazing across the land below.

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum

Ok ok, enough of that. It’s obvious what’s going on here. The land is the magical Stirling Ranges, the everyday items are small because they’re 800m below you, the inhabitants small because they’re mainly insects and the odd mammal. The BBG however is not far fetched at all- of course that handsome fella is me! šŸ™‚ And most definitely you can see my frame at the summit at sunrise, gazing out at the world in amazement.

I have just stumbled across this image, taken when I visited the Stirlings back in October last year. I loved this image when I first took it, but then for some reason it fell out of favour with me….. until now anyway. The tree and moss really caught my eye, looking out over the cloud far below me. It really was a magical experience, and i’m most definitely beaming when I took it, and now when i’m reliving it….. even though by a bit of a played out story.

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Wylie Creek Sand dunes – Esperance

Here is another image from the Wylie Creek Dunes, that are found just near Esperance. Taken as the sun was getting lower in the sky to the West, but not at the stage they had lit up in that glorious gold light that my previous image. While the golden light really is beautiful, the whiteness of this sand still lends itself very well to photography.

Wylie Creek Sand Dune

Wylie Creek Sand Dune

This is the main dune right next to the entrance, and I trecked around the back end of it to the top. From there I had an unobstructed view down the ridge line. I liked the ripples of the immediate dune, so used them in combined with the curve of ridge.

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Canning River- Perth, Western Australia

I hadn’t managed one of these images before, or even attempted one actually. But IĀ  have always been captivated by this type of image when it was done correct.

Canning River- Perth

Into the Blue

On this occasion I headed down to Shelley with another photographer- Anton, checking out that part of the Canning River. It was the first time i’d been there, and in the end wasn’t really what i’d expected. While there though, I spied an old jetty opposite us, so we quickly headed around to check it out. Took a bit of effort on the mobile phone GPS to work out where it was and how to get in there but we got there. Anton lended me his Tokina 12-24mm lens to try out, which I now am glad to call my own šŸ™‚ But I tested it out on the jetty remnaints just as the sun was setting. The longer exposure settled the water and I also managed some nice blues.

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A morning at Greens Pool

This is the second image I got from a lovely sunrise at Greens Pool in Denmark last year. Just before I took “Dawn of Time” , the sun kissed the top of this big cloud, which was just sitting all by itself in that section of the sky. The cracks and puddle provided me with some nice foreground, and a hint of a reflection which I quite liked.

greens pool-denmark

Rising Up

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Point Perron

Well i’m not gona make any excuses- or promises for or about my blog being asleep for probably the last month. I’ve not had any real chance to get out and shoot for months. The other weekend I went out to the coast- and got blown away, and blasted by rain going what definitely appeared to be more horizontal then vertical. Then the following day I went out to shoot some of my fav waterfalls, only to find out that DEC (our “environmental” watchers) had closed the area off to vehicles-this is only into the carpark. Adding an extra half hours walk each way, so I wouldn’t have time to get in where I wanted to go. So I will be getting back there with my bike to chop off a bit of time!

Hmmmm….. sounds like an excuse don’t it…. damn! Well anyway- due to all this i’ve been more happy to view others success with conditions and shoots then worry about my own bad luck. But seeing as though I have some images from ages ago I thought i’d best put something up here! šŸ™‚

Flare Baby

Flare Baby

This is an image from Point Perron (or Preston Point for Will :-P) which is basically the nearest beach to me. It’s quite a nice spot, and during summer you can quite often see my mates and I out amongst it snorkeling.

I’ve always wanted a “sun flare” image. But it’s something that has always eluded me. It’s one of those things I’ve always felt that when it works- it works really well. But if it doesn’t, then it’ll look horrible! So far this is the closest I’ve got to one that doesn’t look horrible.
The mossy rocks were reflecting the sun wonderfully- so I had to capture them. But the only way I could do that was to include the sun. Something that I usually don’t like doing when it’s this high.

For this reason I thought I’d jump at the chance to get my “Flare” going. Managing to get the flare at the 45deg, I thought was quite effective.
This was also my first shoot with my new camera. Canon 40D. Now most people are raving about their 5Dmk II’s these day’s- but i’m pretty happy so far, with the limited times i’ve had using this camera. A big improvement from my old Olympus E300.

As is discussed quite often- the lack of ability for the digital camera’s to capture the bright area around the sun is limited with this image. But I think it could still work, so i’m interested in any thoughts šŸ™‚

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