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Pilbara Textures

pilbara, white gum, sunset

Pilbara Textures

This is honestly one of my most favorite image I’ve ever taken, it’s definitely more of an arty/abstract image then I’d usually take, but screams Pilbara for me. Anywhere in the Pilbara you are greeted with scenes like this, white gums upon ridge lines, with spinifex nestled at it’s feet. Once the day gets to the golden hour at the end of the day it simply explodes with colour and character.

I was taking a few shots at this location when I simply turned around, and was greeted by this amazing sight. I couldn’t set the tripod up quick enough! And after firing a couple of shots I knew I had what I was after. The subtle curve of the spinifex leading to the white gum standing majestically on the ridge, the subtle highlights in the clouds and even the natural vignetting with shadows and clouds adding to the impact.

It has the appearance of more post processing then i’d usually do with my images but literally has nothing more then my usual dash of contrast, saturation and sharpening to bring the image to print quality. The amazing thing is, that I was incredibly happy with this image from the second I took it, that once loading it onto my mac I managed to forget all about it until about 6 months later!!! Incredible ashamed to admit that, and baffled as to how it happened but I guess sometimes things get away from you!

It’s ended up being a successful and popular image too with this image getting runner up photo of the year with the Gem Camera Club and being voted as the viewers choice in the recent Spring in the Hills photo exhibition recently held in Kalamunda. Hopefully this continues and you all enjoy this as much as I do. I must admit it takes me back to the Pilbara each time I look at it hanging on my wall in all it’s glory ๐Ÿ˜€

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Quick Update

Hi Guys, hope 2011 is treating you well so far. Hard to believe it’s nearly already the end of January!! I have a few images to go through which I’ll hopefully have posts up for in the near future. Been extremely busy and also had a few other projects i’ve been trying to do. Which has left me with little time to actually go through the images I have. Been out in the storms we’ve had lately, driven a lot of km’s without much reward so far- but it’ll pay off for me if I keep getting out there.

Fortescue river, newman, pilbara, floods

Fortescue River

Here’s a quick image that I took last year. We had some decent rain which got the Fortescue River flowing again. It was amazing standing by what is normally a dry river bed, with the water flowing past, the birds with a new found energy and just take it all in. I only took a couple of photo’s, and didn’t think I had anything but this image grew on me.

kermits pool, hancock gorge, karijini, pilbara

kermits portrait

This next image is of Bek and me down in Kermit’s Pool in Karijini, a chance for you to see the body behind the images….. I mean face. lol. Those bloody big feet of mine look like kermits feet anyway hahaha. Bek’s first time there, so was a great time. The light was pretty harsh by this time, and the flare was pretty much impossible to avoid, but some nice memories to have ๐Ÿ™‚


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Technicolour Sunset

Sorry about being so slack on the blog front again. I still hope to be able to get a regular post on here one day. With the bit of time i’ll be in front of the TV over the next few weeks- of course watching the Aussies smash the Poms in the ASHES, I will try to throw together a few posts as well, and they all say I can’t multitask ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s another image from Karridale, just North of Augusta. We stayed at the cottages for a few nights over Easter. I thought i’d give a windmill image a go as it’s something different. As per usual early on this year- there wasn’t a cloud in sight, so I didn’t have high hopes for this evening. Once again, as it has done a few times for me this year- the haze came to the rescue. As the sun went down the sky came up with fabulous colour.

Technicolour Sunset

Technicolour Sunset

I really like how the water illuminates, also how the reeds, reflection and waterline all lead to the windmill. The touch of green grass I felt broke up the colours a bit more as well.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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Meeting Mr S

Well now for something on a lighter note. After Neal and Jamie have openly discussed their fears for anything slithery, I thought back to a few occasions where i’ve been in pretty close proximity to the lil fella’s myself.ย  And I guess someone has to try and reclaim the Aussie image… lol.

Nah, it’s more to show that these creatures aren’t all bite, and really unless you stand on them or threaten them you don’t have anything to worry about. I’ve even been held up on a thin mountain path for 30min, due to a Tiger snake that decided it made a good place to sleep. No waving, stomping, clapping, throwing stones (not at it, but next to it) was moving it!! And there was no room to go around it. So i waited.


The first image here is a Tiger Snake on Toolbrunup Peak in the Stirling Ranges. These things love being high up on the peaks, and take on a very different look to any i’ve seen on the flats. They are a lot thinner and really have the lovely yellow bands they’re known for. These snakes are said to be extremely aggressive. But i’ve never personally come across any that are.

I took this with my camera 1.5m away, and I was leaning back as I was actually too close to get him focused. He didn’t seem to mind me at all, even firing away with a flash for a couple of minutes. He wasn’t cornered and I didn’t make any quick movements so I guess he didn’t feel threatened at all. I do admit that if this was something like a Taipan or a Brown snake I would not be anywhere near this close. As they will actually chase you!!


The next one here is a Dugite. It was about 1.5m long and was actually the main turning point for me with snakes. I was definitely more on the cautious side, i’d creep up to 4-5 meters ofย  them but that was it. This snake was behind the grass, preventing a decent shot. So I crept closer and tried to change the angle. I got to about 2.5m away and it completely flipped out. Banging it’s head into the rock you can see in the upper left of this image. I was wondering what it was doing, but then all of a sudden it disappeared into a hole in the ground. It really made me realise that they are even more afraid of us. Since then i’ve had more faith and quite enjoy watching these creatures in the wild.

Now obviously i’m not saying run around picking them up or anything, as we do have a huge number of the most venomous snakes in the world residing in Oz. Depending what info you get (each site seems to be different…) the Tiger is number 7 and the Dugite number 14. And I think it’s about 13 of the top 20. So precaution is always best!! I do usually wear long pants, theory i’ve heard is that the material helps with our snakes in the South West-not that i want to try that one ๐Ÿ™‚

But they’re stunning to watch all the same. Hope my stories ease your nerves a bit anyway. As i’ve said to Jamie, I freaked when I saw a lil reef shark while snorkeling. Legs and arms took over before the brain caught up and said what the hell are you doing!! And he loves diving with sharks. So maybe one day we’ll get used to the other! haha.

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