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It’s the end of the world as we know it

Well as we have all heard many times over the last few weeks May 21st 2011 is meant to be a day bringing along the end of the world. Interesting thinking, and by all means many are skeptical. Including myself! But even so, imagine my surprise when at 4am this morning our small town of Newman was shaken awake by none other then an Earthquake! lol

newman, pilbara, sunset

Newman sunset

In a half sleep, dazed moment one could only think- “well the boys put a bit too much in that one!” in reference to the blasting at the huge BHP Iron Ore minesite that the town sits on the outskirts of. Then when you realize the time you know this isn’t the case, even yet an Earthquake is the last thing to come to mind with us being in a region definitely not known for quakes! So I fell back asleep, to awake an hr later for work, thinking did I dream that??? Quick search on the net and no I wasn’t going crazy haha. Quite a surreal experience though, and while not strong enough to cause any damage it was still up around 5 on the Richter scale, so I guess it’s not exactly a small one.
Anyway here’s an photo just outside of town from before the Earthquake hit….. no doubt looks exactly the same now but it was a pretty remarkable sunset so it needed to be shared 🙂

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Sounds of then

Out on the patio, we sit, and the humidity we breathe, we watch the lightning- crack over cane fields, laugh and think, THIS IS AUSTRALIA!

storm, lightning, pilbara, newman

Sounds of then

These famous lyrics by Ganggajang, of course from their hit song Sounds of then (This is Australia) is some lyrics (well and song) I find going through my head quite often. Well more times then not when I’m out and about, imersing myself in this great land. Funny thing is, i’ve never owned this song, not got the CD, not got the MP3, I simply think I don’t need it, it’s always going through my head.

For me, the song sums up love for this magnificent country, I feel the artists have a similar passion for it to what I do. In saying this, never have these words rung more true to me then here in the Pilbara. No we don’t have canefields…. the humidity we do, the patio’s we do- and thank god the lightning we certainly do! So often I find myself driving through the lands, with the biggest smile on my face. I simply can’t help it! There’s no one around to see it, so why do I need to express such joy and excitement when there’s no one else to see it?? As I said, I simply can’t help it.

During these times I realise how lucky I am, how lucky I am to experience what I have, to see what I have, to go where I have, to live where I do- to be Australian. I’ve not been elsewhere, but not once have I ever thought of living elsewhere, really not even within other states to be honest. I am a passionate Ozzie, but also a passionate Western Australian. Yes we have to drive some huge distances to get between places. But those places are well worth the journey, and the journey for me is just as good. Amazingly I’m just scratching the surface too, seen so much- but there is oh so much more I want to see and experience.

But that’s enough of the state divides, we are one at the end of the day. And every single state has it’s own amazing locations. Of which I hope to one day be able to visit also. As yet apart, from Sydney and the High Country, they have not been able to pry me away from my home state yet. It is a very big YET though, and I look forward to being able to get there and travel the other states, very much look forward to it actually. But in the mean time i’m proud to say this is my state, this is my country, this is my home- This, is Australia.

Now where was I going before all this ramble you ask……. well of course a post like this has to have a lightning image to accompany it. This is taken from the hill just near town, overlooking East Newman, and the main road into town. I’d been out North of town and hiked up into the hills to get a decent look at a storm that was building. Unfortunately for me it decided to run parallel with me and head on towards town, so no shots there but it did give me a chance to try my luck with this image, one which i’ve had in my mind since I moved here. Bit more ground strikes would have been nice, but that will come 🙂 15 sec exposure with 1 nice beautiful lightning strike in it 🙂

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On a trip through the South West a few months ago, we spent one night in Albany after a couple of day’s at the Stirling Ranges. Setting off to scout some locations for a sunset shoot we rounded the bend at the head of Middleton Beach, to come across a large crowd at the lookout. Curiosity took over and we stopped and looked, sure enough there were some whales at the base of the cliffs. Not even 10m off the shore it was a stunning site. Needless to say we sat and watched for a while, and didn’t leave enough time to scout a location.

I decided to go down the hill to some nice rocks and see what I could get, as it was so late there was nothing to lose. We ended up in a little rocky cove, but nothing really took my eye. So I left Alysia there and clambered around the rocks a bit further to see what was there. I looked back, and suddenly the cove we were in looked alot more interesting, and I set up for the shoot.

Perched/wedged in a precarious position on a boulder with not much room anywhere, I was constantly getting wet feet and legs from the sea splashing up on the rocks. Not to let that worry me I kept shooting as the light got better and better. Then it happened….

First I see the swell…I think oh…could get a bit of splash here….then it grows….I think oh…..could get quite wet here….then it grows more…I grab tripod with right hand….put hand in between camera and sea (yeah cos that’s going to do anything..) ….. and then SPLASH!!!!! I’m soaked head to toe instantly, camera is soaked.

Somehow senses kicked in and I had the camera turned off and battery out before the wave had settled. Throwing camera, lens, filters into the bag I skate across the slippery rocks back to the cove. Where of course I am greeted by the “oh you look a lil wet” from the girlfriend… 😛

So I gave the tripod to her and sprinted back up the hill, to nearly run into some walkers on the path who looked very surprised to see a man dressed as a drowned rat emerge from the bush! I get back to car and pull everything apart and dry slowly in front of the cars a/c vents. At the end of the day it all came up well, and despite lenses and filters needing a very good clean nothing was wrong with the equipment. Still…it’s not what you want on the 3rd day of a trip!

Middleton Dreaming

Middleton Dreaming

I like the rocks in the foreground of this shot, and the sloping rocks going into the water. The rocks are great in that part of the world! The sky was starting to turn nice, but probably needed another couple of minutes to go real nice. But nothing can be done with that. There were some nice atmospheric clouds going past the other side of the harbour, some which are getting lit by the setting sun. It is still weird looking at this image knowing what happened about 30 seconds later! It looks so peaceful and surreal.

Here is another shot of a mother and calf Humpback whale just off the coast the following day. Not a great shot at all but seeing these beautiful creatures up close is unforgettable!


I hope everyone had a great christmas, and all the best for the new years 🙂

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Well I thought i’d continue on with the beach theme as I can’t wait to actually get some free time and get there myself!! This is another image from my Pilbara trip, and was taken at one of the beaches along the West side of the Exmouth Cape. I can’t remember what one exactly, but I think it was either side of Lakeside.

Looking out over the Ningaloo Reef, it is a breathtaking bit of coastline. The sand is flawless, and the water is such a fantastic blue. I didn’t have much luck with the standard beach scenes, so i tried something a bit different.

There were some small dunes right near the water so I headed into them hoping to find some nice ridges. It was a bit late in the day to get heavily contrasting ridges in the sand (a type of image I really want to get one day) but I ended up coming across this scene. I liked the small ridges following up the dune to the water. And using the plants as some natural framing to keep the scene compact. Would love to be there again! It was my first time really shooting beaches like this, and since then I have had so many ideas and compositions I want to try next time.

I’m still a bit undecided on this, so interested in peoples thoughts, And also would like to have any suggestions for what I could have done. Thanks 🙂

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