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The Holland Track- the wrap up

Here’s the final couple of shot’s from my Holland Track trip.

In Full Flight

The first is of course the storm…. hope you’re not sick of hearing about that just yet! 🙂

It’s another in the vertical orientation but a bit wider. This enables you to see all the way to the cloud top, and there’s still some cool illuminated clouds stretching all the way to the top of the frame. The lightning went off during this exposure too, and while I don’t think it’s as nice as the previous, tighter composition- I still really like it.

Dreamy Pool

And finally here’s an image from Thursday Rock. The sunset wasn’t all that great, but with some clouds around I was able to get this real moody and atmospheric image looking across the pool and up to the rock cairn in the distance.

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A beautiful Albany Sunset

Here’s the second image from what was an amazing sunset I was lucky enough to get at Whalers Cove in Albany. It really is a gorgeous beach, as close to perfect as you could get- the mozzies must agree as they were there in force as well! Once again this is facing East- and as you can see the clouds lit up wonderfully. Waiting for a small wave to wet the sand in front of the rock to give it the added bonus of a slight reflection I think has paid off.


Albany Sunset

It’s one of my favorite images from the trip- and is one growing on me everyday. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

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