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The Holland Track- the wrap up

Here’s the final couple of shot’s from my Holland Track trip.

In Full Flight

The first is of course the storm…. hope you’re not sick of hearing about that just yet! πŸ™‚

It’s another in the vertical orientation but a bit wider. This enables you to see all the way to the cloud top, and there’s still some cool illuminated clouds stretching all the way to the top of the frame. The lightning went off during this exposure too, and while I don’t think it’s as nice as the previous, tighter composition- I still really like it.

Dreamy Pool

And finally here’s an image from Thursday Rock. The sunset wasn’t all that great, but with some clouds around I was able to get this real moody and atmospheric image looking across the pool and up to the rock cairn in the distance.

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The Holland Track- oh what a night

Well what better way to get the photography juices flowing again, and a bit more encouragement to get the blog going again- then getting out amongst it and take some photos! πŸ™‚ I usually wouldn’t post an image immediately, but with something like this I can’t help it!


I’ve just got back from a 4 day trip along the Holland track in the Goldfields for Easter. My first time out there, and wow- did it put on a show for us! 4 days of 4wd and camping through some amazing area’s, topped off by some insane thunderstorms. This is my first attempt at lightning, and especially after missing out on “The great storm 2010”Β  that hit Perth a week or so ago I was pretty keen to give it a go. This is from our first night camp, just pulled along off the track as we missed our intended campsite. So pure luck I spose that this is the result πŸ™‚ Also if we camped where we were planning weΒ  would have been flooded out as the rain was intense a kilometer or so either side of us! So no flood, and lightning=massive win!

The lightning was everywhere as the storm rose up, intensified time and time again in front of us. So I ran up the hill to get a better angle, forgot my shutter cable, ran back and forth again. All was worth while and I was up there in time. Now even though this image is instantly captivating- it was probably one of the least challenging to set up the shot as nature really does the hard work for you in this situation. I was just fotunate to be in the right place, and got the right angle. But i’m pretty wrapped to have got the image all the same, so it’s a weird feeling for me haha.

I must say that when the thunder got directly overhead that my pace back to camp quickened haha. This area only had waist high vegetation (meaning I was a good 3 feet higher then it) as itΒ  had been hit severly by the fires that went through the area a few years ago- unfortunately resulting in the deaths of 3 truck drivers. Which seeing the burnt area is very scary, as you can get a much more accurate view of the utter devastation. The fire front was huge and I couldn’t imagine the fear of the drivers as they saw it coming across the plains towards them.

Well I hope you all like this- I mean LOVE this, as much as I do. Otherwise I’ll feel kinda silly haha πŸ˜›

And there’s a few more images from the trip to follow

At very least I reckon it’ll interest Tony- so just make sure you give me a comment Tone lol. The storms were incredible, and I see why you head North every wet season. It was the first time I’ve seen anything like it!!

Just like to put it out there that my emails broken down- can’t seem to get into them lately (for over a week now) and still can’t access it. So i’m not ignoring anyone, just can’t do much right at the moment. Hopefully will be back up before I head away again so I can get back to the couple of you expecting to hear from me. Thanks, Stephen