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Pilbara Textures

pilbara, white gum, sunset

Pilbara Textures

This is honestly one of my most favorite image I’ve ever taken, it’s definitely more of an arty/abstract image then I’d usually take, but screams Pilbara for me. Anywhere in the Pilbara you are greeted with scenes like this, white gums upon ridge lines, with spinifex nestled at it’s feet. Once the day gets to the golden hour at the end of the day it simply explodes with colour and character.

I was taking a few shots at this location when I simply turned around, and was greeted by this amazing sight. I couldn’t set the tripod up quick enough! And after firing a couple of shots I knew I had what I was after. The subtle curve of the spinifex leading to the white gum standing majestically on the ridge, the subtle highlights in the clouds and even the natural vignetting with shadows and clouds adding to the impact.

It has the appearance of more post processing then i’d usually do with my images but literally has nothing more then my usual dash of contrast, saturation and sharpening to bring the image to print quality. The amazing thing is, that I was incredibly happy with this image from the second I took it, that once loading it onto my mac I managed to forget all about it until about 6 months later!!! Incredible ashamed to admit that, and baffled as to how it happened but I guess sometimes things get away from you!

It’s ended up being a successful and popular image too with this image getting runner up photo of the year with the Gem Camera Club and being voted as the viewers choice in the recent Spring in the Hills photo exhibition recently held in Kalamunda. Hopefully this continues and you all enjoy this as much as I do. I must admit it takes me back to the Pilbara each time I look at it hanging on my wall in all it’s glory 😀

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Lucky Light

This is an image I was quite lucky to get. Returning from Karijini a couple of months ago I was watching the light to see where I could stop for a shoot. Nothing was grabbing me until I saw the light start to hit a large hill to the South West. There was no way i’d be able to get a shot so I continued driving until finally, I saw a hill close to the road.

white gum, newman, sunset, pilbara

Newman Sunset

Parking up I grabbed my gear and sprinted, hoping to catch the last bit of light. Hoping a barbed wire fence in my haste, I continued up the hill. Anyone who has walked through spinifex country will know what I mean when I say it’s not easy to run through haha. I got to the top and set up, waiting for the light to cast it’s gorgeous light on the last bit of shadows. Which was unfortunately not to be as the angle was not quite right.

Not to be wasted though, I turned around and the hill to the East was cast in magnificent light. As was this stunning white gum. I loved how the light hit a few of the higher tufts of spinifex in front of and around the tree.


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Funky Tree

Plenty of area’s in the Pilbara are burnt, quite a surreal landscape to see- and quite different to the usual Savanah/Spinifex landscape the Pilbara is known for. The burnt area’s are so vast and baron, and you could very easily imagine being on Mars, with hill after hill of red rock.

white gum, karijini, western australia

Funky Tree

This is one of the burnt area’s, in fact it is on the entrance road to Karijini National Park. There still are some tree’s on the hill, and this big tree in particular caught my eye as the sun went down.


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Here’s a new image from The Pilbara

This is one of my favorite images from the Pilbara, and quite different to others of this vast landscape. It’s got the white gums I love, mixed with some amazing twilight light after sunset. I took it a couple of months ago now but was waiting until the results from the Landscape 500 came back before I posted it.

white gum, pilbara, western australia landscapes

Bronze in the Landscape 500- Score 79

The sunset on this particular day wasn’t anything too special, but I hung it out as I really love the twilight light, and it really has an amazing effect on the Pilbara Landscapes. This day did not disappoint, and my patience was rewarded. There was some wind which gives the tree it’s surreal look. Mixing moving leaves with the stationary trunk. A trunk which has shone beautifully in the soft light, and the rocks which still have incredible luminescence taking into consideration there is no direct light on any of this scene.

Just missed out again on Silver, but still a result i’m happy with 🙂

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Karijini National Park

You can’t get enough of this place, well I hope you guys can’t- as there’ll be plenty of photographs coming from me from this remarkable location. I’ve been in the Pilbara 2 weeks, and been there twice haha. Quieter weekend for me this weekend to catch up on things, and a bit of socializing which will actually be good! I’ve not stopped since I got here really, so about time to stop for an evening.

Joffre Gorge Sunrise

Joffre Gorge

Last weekend I was re-born in the gorges, so there’s a few images to come from there. Then we’ve had some really really cool storms coming over. No big thumpers yet, they’ll come i’m sure. But colours like you’ll not believe! Some amazing sunsets to go with them, so i’ll have them up soon. Still plenty of images to try and catch up on- I think i’ve not touched my camera for a whole 3 days since i’ve been here lol, so this weekend is that catch up time!

Anyway this is another photo of Joffre Gorge. The contrasts in the area are huge, so I headed here early to get the glorious pre-dawn light. That way the light was a lot more balanced and I could get the photo I wanted. It was still an exposure of nearly 3min, so you can tell it was very dark, but yet the red cliffs still glowed in their magic way.

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And hello from the Pilbara!

Well after what seems like endless chaos, preparation, running around and tasks- I have reached my destination. Newman, 1300 odd km’s North of Perth in the Pilbara. This is only a brief post, as I’m still not exactly settled in. But I couldn’t be here now, without doing a photo shoot and sharing it with you. 🙂

Pilbara white gum

For me, the Pilbara is summed up in this image. Red rocks, golden spinifex and the white gums. These 3 combined create some of the most amazing scenes, something I fell in love with when I visited here last, and I look forward to experiencing them even more. This image was taken using the lovely afterglow light, after the sun has sunk below the horizon.

I’ll leave it at this for now, and will post a more detailed post in the next couple of days, covering what has brought me to this point, and of course what my intentions, goals and expectations are over the time i’m here.


Kalimina Gorge

This is the last of my posts on Karijini National Park. Kalimina Gorge really was one of my favourites. Such a pleasant walk along the base with plenty of small cascades to keep the photographer in me happy. I think it was where I got my best shot’s and my personal favourites aswell. I seemed to get the right light. My first trip into this gorge was mid afternoon, and the second was early morning. This gave me the opportunity to shoot completely different scenes. Compositions you wouldn’t even look at in the morning were just glorious in the afternoon.

The first image here was my favorite of the trip. It was on my morning trip when I saw the small cascades and small grass tree. The reflections behind were magical and I loved the ghost gum reflection surrounded by intense red light. It’s completely different to most Karijini shot’s which I think is why I enjoy it more then my Kermit’s Pool image- which as i’ve stated it is just the “normal” composition.


This next shot here jumped out at me once again on my morning shoot. There were stunning jagged rocks all pointing towards this small waterfall and reflections. I really like the texture in the water and then some awesome reflections to go along.


This image was taken on my afternoon trip. I was at the waterfall directly at the base of the stairs and to the right trying different things without much luck. On returning I saw this scene right from the path. It made it interesting for the people coming along it! But I really liked this reflection and the reeds. I used a bit of fill in flash to light the reeds slightly as the rocks on the far cliff face were extremely bright. Really restricting my composition to some extent.


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